The Modern Desktop Garden

The Grasslamp is a unique combination of gardening, interior decor and award winning design. This beautiful desktop lamp lets you grow your favorite micro-greens like wheatgrass using only water and LED light and no soil needed. Simply take your seeds, soak them in water, put them on the lid, spray them a few times each day and watch them grow! In a few days you’ll have a touch of green on your desktop as well as illumination of your workspace. The Grasslamp makes it easier than ever to enjoy the psychological benefits of gardening – all without getting your hands dirty!

Garden Igloo Creates Transparent Canopy for Your Garden

When enjoying the outdoors, it’s nice to have a sanctuary to protect against bugs and sudden inclement weather. The Garden Igloo is a transparent canopy for your garden that allows you to cherish the scenery all while being shielded under a geodesic dome. Its minimalist design offers a lot of versatility, and the product can function as a greenhouse, playground, gazebo, or quiet place to read. The seven-foot-tall Garden Igloo can be used year-round. Its standard package includes a skeleton frame, which leaves the piece completely open and allows a nice breeze to pass through the space – perfect for entertaining friends on a warm summer night. In the cooler months, a clear domed cover shields the Igloo from the harsher elements, making it ideal as a greenhouse or for a winter garden party.

The Green Wheel Rotary Garden

Developed by NASA this revolutionary rotary hydroponic system concept was created to provide a constant supply of fresh herbs and salad in spacecraft. Thanks to its effectiveness and advantages this concept was transferred with success into a daily life. In spite of all these, the rotary gardens had not undergone evolutionary change from aesthetic point of view.The Green Wheel by Libero Rutilo has many benefits over the traditional garden. First of all it allows you to produce a variety of agricultural products. This device is absolutely ecofriendly. It helps you to grow your own fresh herbs and vegetables without leaving home and on the contrary with supermarket vegetables it helps to reduce transportation and plastic packaging consumption. The second benefit is larger growing area that helps to cultivate more plants. Maximized illumination is another advantage of the project. The plants arranged around the light source in the center of the wheel. The lamp is placed closer to the plants. It helps to reduce lighting consumption in contrast with traditional garden lighting.

1,000 Roses for Zweibrücken by Ottmar Hörl

Zweibrücken in Germany is known as the City of Roses since located there The Rose Garden of Princess Hildegard of Bavaria grows more than 60,000 roses of 2,000 varieties. Inspired by this fact German artist Ottmar Hörl created a massive public art installation entitled “1,000 Roses for Zweibrücken”. For one month, 1,000 plastic red roses have been arranged in a visually striking grid-like pattern on the ground. The artist says, “Above and beyond its symbolic power, the rose thus becomes a ‘social sculpture’ in the sense of a stimulant for communication.” The flowers averaged about 12 inches wide and were offered for sale as a memento of the memorable installation.

Modified Social Benches by Jeppe Hein

This time we want to show you project of Danish artist Jeppe Hein “Modified Social Benches”. It’s a public art installation that distorts everyone’s favorite park seating surface in a variety of crazy ways. Some of the distortions are minor, some add beneficial features to the benches, and some make the benches entirely unusable. But all of the modifications do one thing very well: they draw attention. According to the artist, the goal of the project is to encourage interaction. Interaction between the public and the benches, and interaction between the people who use the benches. Undoubtedly creative project!

“Floating Garden” by Gabriella Asztalos

Hungarian designer Gabriella Asztalos has designed modern collection “Floating Garden” which consists of metallic baskets for plant. But not ordinary. They are made to make plants appear as if they are floating through the air filling up spaces that are usually left blank and thus offering a unique 3D effect to any room that they are placed in. It would be perfect for modern kitchen. Take a look!

Chair Garden from Nendo

We used to see a full garden of flowers, trees or other elements of landscape design. But this installation will blow your mind by its creativity. The basis for this beautiful installation are stools growing in pots. It sounds quite unusual and looks unusual too. The creators of this installation from Nendo describe their idea as – "A stool grows a backrest, and becomes a chair. When an armrest sprouts from it, it is an armchair. The stool grows sideways, and becomes a bench, or lengthwise and becomes a lounge chair, or even a bed."