Jumbo Ugg Website Redesign

Let us show you stylish redesign made by Higher. “Redesign of e-commerce website of Jumbo Ugg Boots® – a family business and largest manufacture of ugg boots in Australia since 1989. Jumbo Ugg Boots has been successfully wholesaling and retailing to many satisfied customers within Australia and Overseas. Color scheme of Jumbo UGG website combine corporate colors with past collections and future 2012 collection colors.” If you like redesign of this online store then you should check 10 best eommerce builders list.

Brand Identity for SJ Options

Take a look at another project by branding agency Higher – comprehensive brand identity development for options trading mentor based in San Jose. “SJ Options is options trading course and mentoring based on Max Safety, Max Reward option trading strategies. Their options training addresses today’s volatile and fast-moving market conditions based on unique and innovative option trading strategies that provide much more safety protection against sudden losses.”

Stylish Brand Identity for Brown&Hobbs

Another great example of brand and corporate identity from Higher. This time for digital agency Brown & Hobbs. “Brown & Hobbs is a highly integrated and full service agency specializing in campaign development, media production and placement, digital production and development, and research derived marketing and PR campaigns.” Professionally created logo looks simple but at the same time extremely stylish. So well done guys! However as always!

Corporate and Brand Identity for Prospectacy

Another portion of quality corporate and brand identity from Higher. This time for Cyprus company Prospectacy. “Client asked about new brand identity that will help to standout and deliver services with pride, passion and excellence. Since Prospectacy worked with a Russian clients a lot, they wanted to incorporate a two-headed eagle as a sign of brand, but at the same time do it in “different”; way for reduce similarity with Cypriot National Guard emblem.’ Excellent job!

Brand Identity for Outlet by Higher

We’re a real fans of Prague based brand experience agency Higher. Guys excellently do their work but additionally they have perfect sense of style and represent it in the most favorable light. The following post will show you development of new brand identity and website for Outlet – a deal-of-the-day website that features discounted gift certificates usable at local companies of Singapore and Indonesia. Just take a look and you will understand what we mean!

Brand and Corporate Identity for Driven Marketing

“Driven Marketing” is a dynamic and innovative full service marketing company, offering strategic and research solutions, creative and conceptual work, digital media, as well as pushing the boundaries in large production events and experimental marketing. Brand experience agency Higher from Prague, Czech Republic, has made brand identity (logo, stationery, firmstyle, visual style, styleguide, corporate literature) and digital branding (website) for this Australian marketing agency. Take a look!

Corporate and Brand Identity for Monza

Monza is one of the most expensive detailing center in the Dubai with the ultimate quality. Monza target only luxury cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari and Bentley and provide such services as polishing, paint correction, interior cleaning,leather reconditioning, paint protection, interior protection, headlightrestoration. Brand experience agency Higher from Prague, Czech Republic, has made rebranding for this company. The following images of show excellent, original and memorable corporate identity. Well done!