Company Builds Hobbit Houses In Just 3 Days

Ever wanted to live in the Middle-earth? A company called Green Magic Homes came up with an idea to build tiny prefabricated houses that look exactly like Hobbit holes and can be assembled by 3 people in a few days time! Just like Hobbit holes, these houses are designed to exist under a layer of soil and turf and can even produce food if you decided to grow some veggies on the roof. If you are not a fan of greens, they can even be covered with sand or snow, depending on where you live. If you have a vision of your own, this company can make it happen as their modular system offers endless possibilities of design. Cozy, eco-friendly houses that neatly blend in with nature, I mean you don’t even need to be a Tolkien fan to appreciate the idea!

Dune House by William Morgan

Back in 1964, Hurricane Dora created a dune on a piece of property in Florida. It couldn’t have picked a better place as the property was owned by a very creative architect by the name of William Morgan. But it was a decade later that he decided to take advantage of this natural element. The architect came up with the idea to build a pair of rental homes. Instead of building on top of the dune, he decided to burrow down so he created what was later known as the Dune House. The space inside the underground houses is actually a duplex. It includes two-story suites with living spaces on the lower level and bedrooms and bathrooms on the upper floor. They also have beach-level terraces. The Dune House was built in 1975 and is composed of two nearly-identical structures that share a common stairway. They have a surface of 750 square feet each. The hobbit homes became rental homes for those seeking a quirky place to stay during their vacation. Barely visible from the street, the duplex resembles a giant frog head with two large eyes – the window openings. All that sand accumulated around the homes keeps the temperature inside constant all year round so very little heating and cooling is needed. The interior is a combination of modern and retro elements with mid-century modern details. The main entrance is on the upper level. The living room, eat-in kitchen and the seating area are situated downstairs, with a glass wall separating the living space from the patio and the ocean views. The Dune House was built using swimming pool technology, with a gunite-concrete shell. The interior is mostly made of wood and includes built-in furniture.