Eco Camp in Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia

One of the world’s most stunning national parks is in Chile. Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park is home to world famous Paine mountain range, as well as a number of gorgeous valleys, rivers, and glaciers. And EcoCamp Patagonia is right in the middle of it all. Not quite a hotel but not exactly camping either, this glamping location is made up of a series of geodesic domes. The camp offers luxury suite dome lofts, standard lofts, a central community dome, as well as a relaxing Yoga Dome for group and individual classes. EcoCamp, as the name would suggest, is run by renewable energy, and practices radically sustainable methods like its sourcing of local foods for all meals. But more than just featuring an environmentally conscious approach and unique accommodations, this hotel offers up easy access to hiking, bicycling, and climbing in one of the most beautiful corners of the world. All things said, a stay here goes for about $2,500 per week. And don’t forget to check stunning photos of Patagonia.

Mind-blowing Hotel Concept Above The Arctic Circle

Snøhetta has unveiled plans for one of the most mind blowing hotels – “Svart” — the world’s first energy positive hotel concept above the arctic circle. Not only does the design reduce its yearly energy consumption by approximately 85% compared to a modern hotel, but this arctic circle hotel also produces its own energy. The building extends from the shoreline by the foot of Norway’s Almlifjellet mountain and into the clear waters of the Holandsfjorden fjord. The circular shape provides panoramic views and offers a direct connection with the natural setting. The hotel’s construction references the region’s vernacular architecture in the form of the ‘fiskehjell’, (an A-shaped wooden structure used for drying fish) and the ‘rorbue’ (a traditional type of seasonal house used by fishermen). The rorbue reference translates into the hotel’s supporting structure, which is built from weather resistant wooden poles stretching several meters below the surface of the fjord. The poles ensure that the building physically places a minimal footprint and gives the building an almost transparent appearance.

Former Navy Helicopter Has Been Transformed Into A Unique Hotel Room

The team at Mains Farm in Stirling, Scotland, thought creatively and invested in a decommissioned Royal Navy ZA127 Sea King Helicopter, so they could turn it into a unique form of overnight accommodation. The helicopter has had its exterior updated and the interior has been transformed into a place where you can stay overnight. The cockpit, which still has the flight deck, now has a couple of swivel seats and a table, made from an old fuel tank cover. The views from the cockpit look out over the surrounding picturesque landscape. The bright white interior has a small kitchenette with stainless steel counter and backsplash. Floating wood shelving and a plant add a natural element to the interior. In terms of sleeping quarters, there are a few beds that can sleep a family of five (2 adults and 3 children) with a double and a triple bed as well as single bed in the tail. To make sure the helicopter stays cool in summer and warm in winter, the walls were insulated and white painted wood paneling was added, giving the appearance of the inside of a boat. Doors and windows have also been added to provide additional light where needed. To find out more about Helicopter Glamping, you can visit their website, here.

Wonderful Hotel Room In Estonia by ÖÖD

ÖÖD hotel rooms are designed for short-term accommodation and holiday housing. They require little effort to complete installation, as much as eight hours of work, and can be installed in any part of Estonia without needing any special permission. Its price-per-unit is approximately €33,000 and includes custom-built Estonian furniture. Each unit can house two or three people, and fits in perfectly both with urban landscapes as well as the more rural options available. Built primarily from steel, insulated glass, and thermally treated wood, its interior has a bedroom, kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Home automation is built in as is floor heating and LED lighting. The installation of Internet connection, water, sewage, and electricity supply through off-grid solutions are currently being worked on for the future. The structure also has an LG heat pump in order to provide both heating and cooling. The first unit was installed last fall, but the company has plans to expand its business to international markets in the following months. The most interesting aspect of the design is that it allows the occupants to enjoy the views of the different locations where they can set up from the comfort and ease of the interior. Even then, it preserves their privacy, given that there is no visibility from the exterior to the interior.

Creative Twisted Hotel in China by Bengo Studio

Timber-clad rooms are stacked vertically and rotated around a spiral staircase to form this hotel in China’s Anhui province, treating guests to 360-degree views of the surrounding tree-covered mountains. Shanghai architecture office Bengo Studio designed the Qiyunshan Tree House hotel for a clearing in the Huangshan mountains. By setting the rooms one on top of the other rather than side by side, the architects aimed to ensure the best possible views for guests visiting the densely forested area. A twisting road curls around one side of the property on its ascent into the mountains and links with the first of the hotel’s wood-covered volumes. A curving glass wall runs along one side of this stilted entrance block, which leads into the centre of the tower. A bedroom, bathroom, lounge, viewing room and roof deck are stacked in separate blocks directly above the entrance hall, while a further bedroom and bathroom are set below. The rooms are arranged around a spiral staircase in the centre of the plan. They are rotated away from each other to create terraces that give different aspects on the scenery. Large windows fill the end wall of the blocks, while glass doors in the flanks link with the adjoining terraces. The blocks, which collectively give the hotel a floor plan of 120 square metres, are staggered in height to create a split-level arrangement within. The walls of the rooms are finished simply with white-painted walls and floors covered in wooden boards that match the external cladding, placing the emphasis very much on the views.

Incredible Tree-House Hotel in Canada

Free Spirit Spheres are located on a coastal and heavily forested portion of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. These spheres truly look like they’re from another world. Each of the three distinct dwellings are hoisted high above the ground and sit amongst the fir and pine trees. One of the three is 9 feet in diameter, while the other two measure in at 10.5 feet, allowing more than enough room to sit and enjoy the views. In addition to accessing to these suspended pods, when staying at the Free Spirit Spheres resort guests have the ability to spend time in the sauna, and are just a quick trip from nearby Qualicum Beach. Prices for the cabins start at $133 a night. s

Comfortable Treehouse Under The Northern Lights

International architecture and design company Snøhetta has created the ultimate tree house in one of the most beautiful corners of the world. “The 7th Room” is a luxury hotel in Northern Sweden, near the Arctic Circle and its mission is to shorten the gap between people and nature. The design of the structure is based on the traditional Nordic cabin and comfortably sits on twelve columns in an isolated evergreen pine forest 33 feet (10 meters) above the ground. The light wooden interior creates a cozy atmosphere and large windows offer jaw-dropping views of the Swedish Lapland, including the winding Lule River. However, one of its most amazing features is an outdoor terrace with a netted base, which offers visitors an unforgettable experience under the Northern Lights. Besides that, the nearly 600 square feet (55 square meters) space hosts a social lounge area, bathroom, and two bedrooms. It accommodates up to five people and is accessible via a staircase and a small lift. The wooden dwelling belongs to Treehotel which aims to introduce tourists to the Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle. Treehotel also owns another six treehouse suites, all designed by Scandinavian architects, but the latest addition by Snøhetta is their tallest and largest one yet.

Beautiful Tiny House From Concrete

Imagine waking up in a room with a stunning view, eating your breakfast on a terrace, walking to a secluded beach for a short dip in the ocean, then drinking wine near a private pool while watching the sunset. That is exactly what Casa Tiny offers to its guests, who can now rent it through Airbnb. The cozy house is located on the Oaxaca Coast in Mexico near Casa Wabi, an artists’ retreat founded by Mexican artist Bosco Sodi. But if the retreat is a larger complex featuring several villas, a gallery, art studios, and public spaces, Casa Tiny is aptly named as it is designed for 1-2 people. The structure was inspired by “Walden”, a book written by Henry David Thoreau about living a simple life in a natural environment. Inside, guests will find a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen area. A terrace with a concrete table becomes the ideal outdoor dining space. Guests can relax in the comfortable hammock, cool down in the private pool, walk through the nearby gardens, or take a swim in the ocean, which is just five minutes away from the house. The minimalist structure is made of concrete and features wooden accents that add a rustic warmth to the interior. Surrounded by vegetation and sand, the peaceful, comfortable and simple house is the perfect choice for a relaxing getaway in the middle of nature. Like it? Get $25 for your travel via Airbnb!

Cylindrical Bamboo Treehouse Is a Solar Powered Oasis in Mexico

Just north of Acapulco, in Juluchuca , Mexico, the Playa Viva sustainable resort has unveiled a treehouse suite surrounded by lush palms. Taking sustainable vacationing to another level, the bilevel, beachfront treehouse sprawls over 700 square feet and was designed by Deture Culsign. The firm aimed to “visually intrigue and highlight sustainable strategies to deliver a natural immersive guest experience.” To that end the treehouse, which was completed in just six months from initial design meeting to first guest checkin, is made of bamboo with electricity and hot water provided by solar power. The concept of the design is for guests to experience indoor and outdoor living within one seamless space. The locally sourced wood blends into the surroundings, with an open air sitting room and private bathroom located on the ground floor. The ceiling of the bathroom is intentionally curved away, opening up to the sky and creating an outdoor shower sensation. The upper sleeping area, or perch, contains a king bed and two person hammock—perfect for gazing out the open cylinder onto the private beach. Guests are asked to leave their inhibitions behind, embracing the au naturel vibe of the treehouse, which was built by California-based Artistree. The suite can sleep three people with prices ranging from $445 to $620, depending on the season, meals, and yoga classes included. The resort itself sits on 200 acres and includes an estuary, an Aztec archeological site, turtle sanctuary, and a coastal forest and mangrove ecosystem which supports an array of wildlife.

Hillside Holiday Glass Homes in New Zealand

Made entirely from glass, including the floors, walls, and ceiling, these small off the grid  PurePods offer visitors to New Zealand an experience unlike any other. There are three locations, with each pod siting out in the open on land situated an hour or two from Christchurch , they’re completely secluded from the rest of the rest of civilization and let guests connect with nature in a way they’ve never been able to before. To get to your PurePod, you take a short hike to your private oasis and are left to your own devices for the remainder of your stay. Despite their off-the-grid nature, these pods provide a luxurious stay and include all of the amenities you would find in a normal hotel room. There’s a small kitchen and dining area for cooking and eating, as well as games and reference books to help keep you entertained when you aren’t exploring. There’s a bedroom with crisp linens and a comfortable bed, with three sides of the room surrounded by glass. In the bathroom, there’s a flush toilet and a shower with amazing views of the valley. Once the sun has tucked behind the mountains for the night, it’s time to get into bed to see the stars in a way you’ve never seen them before. The glass ceiling and lack of light pollution mean you’ll get to experience the cosmos in all of their glory, twinkling, shining, and shooting all night long. During the day, 360 degree views of the breathtaking landscape surrounding the pods, and the complete isolation from the rest of the world helps you feel like you’ve really escaped from every day life. No phone service, no roads, and no people mean you can enjoy nature and the company of of whoever you bring with you to the fullest.

Pineapple Villa for Spongebob Fans

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Thanks to Nickelodeon you can now live in a pineapple just like Spongebob (minus the ‘under the sea’ part). Located in the Dominican Republic, this real-life pineapple villa was created by Nickelodeon and Nick Resort Punta Cana. True Spongebob lovers can book a stay for around $3,800 per night and enjoy 1,500 square feet of pure Spongebob livin’. Think amazing underwater decor, a private pool, a shell phone, and even a life-size replica of Gary! The best part? A butler who will bring you the famous Krabby Patties whenever you want…

Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan – Over 1300 Years Old Hotel

Nestled amidst numerous hot springs, the Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan is the oldest hotel in the world. Interestingly, this hotel has been run by lineages of the same family for over a millennium. This hotel has catered to the needs of ancient samurais and modern tourists alike over the past millennium and continues to do so. The splendor of the architecture and the natural vistas draw travelers and soul seekers from all around the world to this melting pot of ancient oriental culture. Over 52 generations of a single family have nurtured and preserved the inn. The feel and décor has remained unperturbed by the flow of time. The Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan is extremely well sought out by the expert travelers for its beauty and heritage alike. Besides the usual tourists this has served as temporary abodes for a number of famous samurais and shoguns who have left their marks in the history of the place.

12 Of The World’s Most Extraordinary Swimming Pools

As swimming pools get built, new standards are being set in luxury, comforts and amenities. With infinity pools having become mainstream, the trend is to have pools in unique locations such as skyscrapers. Here are 12 of the world’s most extraordinary swimming pools.

5 Of The World’s Unusual Hotels

For some, a clean king’s size bed and five-stars are all that it takes to enjoy a stay in one of a few hotels rooms. However, some people would like to push the limits and try to book hotels which are not usually considered being conventional – as a matter of fact, sometimes people just travel in order to spend their night at indeed unusual and extraordinary hotels.

Unique Treehotel in Sweden

Treehotel offers a unique hotel experience: treerooms with contemporary design in the middle of unspoiled nature. Here you can forget about the time constraints of everyday life, enjoy the serenity, and rejuvenate in a sophisticated yet familiar environment. Treehotel is located in Harads, near the Lule river, about 100 kilometers from Luleå airport. The village has a population of about 600 and features a restaurant, shop and guest house. When you arrive at Treehotel, you check in at Britta’s Pensionat. Then it’s just a short stroll through the beautiful nature to your treeroom. The most striking part of Harads is its magnificent surroundings. From Treehotel’s rooms you get a fantastic view of the Lule River valley, miles of forest and the powerful river.

Faralda Crane Hotel in Amsterdam

This thrilling hotel in Harlingen, Netherlands, will provide a novel sleeping experience for guests if they have the head for heights to stay there.The Faralda Crane Hotel is just that, a boutique hotel with just three suites, that are located inside a crane in Amsterdam. There are two elevators that provide access to the Panoramic Lounge at 15 meters high and the three luxury suites in the top of the crane at 35 – 50 meters high.

Floating Hotel with Catamaran by Salt & Water

The project which is developed by Salt & Water design studio with the aim to promote tourism on inland waters won Millennium Yacht Design Award. The floating hotel would be a perfect solution for tourism without any violation of the natural harmony of the place itself. Floating hotel is consisted from two different parts – central floating construction and apartment catamaran units. When passing through the central floating construction (which consists of reception, restaurant, event hall, offices for staff and a café), guests are reaching pathways which are connected to the apartment catamarans. Each apartment is actually an innovatively designed catamaran which can be easily separated from the dock and navigated, allowing guests to choose the perfect location for their vacation by themselves. Catamaran consists of a salon, a galley, a bathroom, a hall with storage space and a sleeping area (above the salon). Guests can also relax at two separate outdoor locations– the flying bridge and the beach platform. Each apartment can accommodate 2-4 persons, thanks to the possibility of converting the salon into a double bed. From the beach platform it is easy to access the water for swimming, diving, fishing and sun bathing. The main idea is to allow users to enjoy their visit through a navigation at a very slow speed and with an uninterrupted view of the nature around. For this reason the catamarans have this unusual shape with large windows in the front. Catamarans-apartments can be considered as “frames of the nature” – connecting the guests with the water and the sky and isolating them from the everyday’s stress.

Glacier National Park – Izaak Walton Inn

The Izaak Walton Inn is a unique family-owned retreat that borders the southern boundary of Glacier National Park. Open year round ,Izaak Walton Inn provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy nature. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Izaak Walton Inn is an Alpine Lodge located in Essex, MT. Apart from main building this hotel feature a few luxury suits located inside old caboose.

Apartment at The Top of a Historic Ski Jump

Airbnb has a good practice of running contests to win a night in an unusual place. We’ve already written about their latest contest – lucky winner went to amazing hotel at 9,000ft in the French Alps. And this time winner went to stay in an apartment at the top of a historic ski jump at the top of the Holmenkollen arena in Norway, which once served as a waiting room for Olympic ski-jumpers in the 50s. The apartment boasts incredible views, and is of course also beautifully decorated. Of course it’s not the place for you if you’re scared of heights, benefits of the space include a ski museum underneath, possible views of the Northern Lights, and no neighbors, according to Airbnb. The winners have already been chosen, but you can be sure Airbnb will offer more chances to win a night in another weird and wonderful place soon!

15+ Best Free Hotel Templates and Themes

We’ve already featured a lot of useful collection of free templates including free real estate templates and free travel templates. And today we want to show you great collection of modern free hotel templates and themes. In this collection you will find free HTML5 templates, free css templates and free WordPress themes which can be used for creating a site for a hotel and the most important are absolutely free. This collection contains free hotel templates created in different styles and you will be able to find the proper website template – for modern city hotel or for apartment rental. All you need to do is to check the whole collection, find the most suitable free hotel template, download it and launch your website. You can freely use these free templates to create a website for your hotel or bed&breakfast but we strongly recommend to read terms of use for each template before using it. Or you can use any one from the best website builders for free. Good luck!