Old Short School Bus Turned Into A Tiny House

There’s no denying how popular the adventure van trend has become – and it makes sense, as putting your home on wheels is one of the best ways to see more of the world. But while most folks turn to vehicle customizers and/or pre-built examples, some folks are a little more industrious. In fact, one couple (who go by the handle, WeTravelByBus) turned an old GMC Short Bus into one of the best adventure vans we’ve ever seen. Interestingly, while its owners hail from Berlin, this bus actually originated in Lee County, Florida – and, judging by their photos, it hasn’t stayed in once place for too long since. With the exception of a full-length roof rack, the exterior seems largely the same with a classic yellow and black paint job. The inside, however, is a different story – as the seats have been gutted and replaced with things like a kitchen counter, cabinet storage, a raised bed, and even a wood-burning custom-built stove. If you need a little inspiration to kick off your own DIY adventure van project, this might be just the ticket. Also there are other tiny houses made from buses we’ve told you about earlier: School Bus Tiny House by The Mayes Team and Big Green Bus.

The Rook Tiny House – High End House On Wheels

Today we want to tell you about the Rook Tiny House. This 22-foot long abode made by the Chattanooga, Tennessee-based Wind River Homes has a surprisingly urban vibe to it despite being built for anywhere but the city. The exterior of the home features painted vertical siding with exposed stainless screws that give off a stark and masculine vibe while the interior sports a herringbone floor, exposed brick veneer, floating rebar stairs, and a handful of other rugged accents. Despite being incredibly small, the home has a full bathroom, loft with washing unit, built in book shelves, a fold down desk, and a bevy of other creature comforts. But it isn’t what Wind River fit into this home that makes it interesting. Take it out of context and the inside of the Rook tiny house could be mistaken for a renovated big-city industrial loft. And given all the hard work and detail that Wind River put into the home, it’ll cost you about as much, too. Price tag is $100.000.