The Mirror Houses by Peter Pichler Architecture

The Mirror Houses are a pair of holiday homes, set in the marvellous surroundings of the South Tyrolean Dolomites, amidst a beautiful scenery of appletrees, just outside the city of Bolzano. They were designed by Peter Pichler Architecture. The Mirror houses offer a unique chance to spend a beautiful vacation surrounded by contemporary architecture of the highest standards and the most astonishing Landscape and beauty nature has to offer. The client, who lives in a restructured farmhouse of the 60s on the site, asked to design a structure for renting out as luxury holiday units. Guests have their small autonomous apartment and can fully enjoy the experience of living in the middle of nature. A maximum degree of privacy for both the client and the residing guest should be taken into consideration.

Star Wars House in Korea

Designed by the team at Korean architecture firm Moon Hoon, this Star Wars inspired dwelling is the beginning of a trend in Korea. This trend sees residents moving away from small apartments in the city, and into larger, detached homes in less densely populated areas. One quick glance at the home’s spaceship like facade, and you know exactly how it got its name. Geometrically, the Star Wars house has almost the same lines as the Sandcrawler from the beginning of A New Hope, but the exterior has a texture that is closer to the militaristic gray skin of the Death Star. Moon Hoon says that the house was designed for a young South Korean family looking to upgrade from an apartment to a small residential home with a garden for their children to play in. On the inside, Moon Hoon’s design is a little less evocative of the George Lucas aesthetic: it’s bright, open, and modern. It contains a few playful elements, like a playroom hidden behind a bookcase and a short slide between floors, but the white walls and combination pine-and-birch woodwork are otherwise pretty conventional. According to Moon Hoon, the Star Wars house cost $200,000 to design and build. Not a bad price for a home, let alone a piece of a galaxy far, far away.

Dick Clark’s “Flinestones House”

Let’s say you have $2.5 million and you want to live in Flintstone-style house. Then house of TV legend Dick Clark in Malibu is exactly what you need. It looks as though it was designed by the same stone-age architect who imagined the Flintstones’ family home. Built into the surrounding hills in order to avoid disrupting the natural beauty of the area, the mountainside abode is definitely a unique property. The home has one bedroom, two bathrooms, and 2,500 square feet with plenty of custom detailing thanks to the unusual design. Interested? You can buy it here.

Till House by WMR Arquitectos

Till House sketches by Chileans architects from WMR Arquitectos is a single story wooden residence nestled in a cliffs of Los Arcos, Chile. Completely hidden from the sight while looking road, we could say it burrows into the ground and tries to disappear into the nature. The design boasts roof access, a wrap-around porch, and sliding glass doors that make the stunning view visible even from interior. The timber roofing the porch is set so that light comes in from above, and the porch is lined with half-height glass barriers. Despite the openness of the architecture, the house cannot be seen from the road and offers utmost privacy.

25 Creative Door Knockers

Almost at the same time with putting up doors on dwelling people invented door knockers. And they don’t just announce visitors. Through the centuries a door knocker is charged with guarding and blessing the home. And their forms are absolutely different: classic hammer or handle; mythological creatures and animals which are symbols of protection according to ancient legends; ordinary things showing the main profession of the home owners. Door knocker open a huge space for the imagination and in this collection we’ve gathered some of the most interesting door knocker that we’ve found in the web. Have fun!

M House by Marcel Luchian Studio

Marcel Luchian Studio designed the minimalist M House in Singera, a town in the Republic of Moldavia. Composed of unconventional forms, the residence’s concept design also does a brilliant job of marrying materials with a combination of glass and concrete, both inside and out. The house’s structure is made up of two off-center forms, one on top of the other, steering clear of a traditional box-like design. The overhang from the second floor provides exterior coverage below, perfect for when it’s raining. The two stories also contrast in color, with the darker shade being on the bottom. The interior continues the harmonious use of light and dark materials with dark polished floors alongside white and neutral-toned furnishings and walls.

Edge House by STARH Stanislavov Architects

Today we want to show you interesting concept house “Edge House” created by Bulgarian firm STARH Stanislavov Architects. It’s a single family dwelling located in the densely vegetated suburbia of Varna, next to the sea. The residence’s peculiar plan, reminiscent of a conch shell, ends in a southern-facing full-height curtain wall orienting all programmatic elements towards the sea. Take a look!

Luxury Tree House “Eco Perch”

Let us show you “Eco Perch” – quick to install luxury tree house unit created by East Sussex-based architecture and construction firm Blue Forest. “Assembled with natural materials, the structure may be implemented within 5 days, minimally impacting the landscape with adequate site preparation beforehand. Contained within a 6 meter by 8 meter footprint, the combined kitchen, dining, living area and bedroom may comfortably accommodate four people. wrapped with a continuous roof surface, its oval sectional geometry visually connects with the outdoor scenery through windows and a veranda formed with a deep eave. The interior may be redesigned and retrofitted to serve as an office, studio or classroom.”

Creative “House on the Flight of Birds”

Wonderful house with poetic name “House on the Flight of Birds” was created by Portuguese studio Bernardo Rodrigues Arquitecto. It’s accumulation of curved and rectilinear volumes creating a comfortable and jolly living space. House is located on St. Michael island in the Azores, Portugal. According to the architects, “the microclimate of this farmland offers frequent wind and showers so the first design strategy was to block those winds with a wall, offer diverse patios and covered courtyards on the ground floor protected from rain and open all living space to the natural green around by using glass walls receded from the exterior. On the upper-floor there are the private rooms more enclosed and protected.”

Zayed National Museum from Foster + Partners

Today we want to show design for a Zayed National Museum on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi from Foster + Partners. The Mueum will feature five lightweight steel towers resembling birds’ wings, set within a landscaped mound with gallery spaces located at ground level. The aim has been to combine a highly efficient, contemporary form with elements of traditional Arabic design and hospitality to create a museum that is sustainable, welcoming and culturally of its place. Named after UAE founder Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the museum will be dedicated to the history and culture of the country.

Perceptual Twist from Parabol Studio

Architectural bureau Parabol Studio has presented a proposal called Perceptual Twist for a new art gallery in the Slovenian city of Maribor. The building Perceptual Twist is composed of four continuous loops, merging into a one space. Each loop is a full-fledged exhibition center with its own artistic program: the Children’s Museum, the Architecture Museum, the Creative Industrial Museum, and the Digital Arts Museum. The total area of art galleries is nearly 15,000 square meters. The concept of an arts gallery, which brings together different kinds of creativity and at the same time recognizes the value of each of them, symbolically embodied in endless motion "loops" of the building, like a Mebius strip.

Batumi Aquarium in the Form of Pebbles

In the beautiful Georgian port city Batumi will be built brilliant "Batumi Aquarium". This fairytale building will be entirely devoted to the underwater world. Aquarium is designed in the form of pebbles, which cover the beaches in Batumi. There will be four pebble-shaped structures, each housing an exhibition space representing an unique marine biotype – the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, the Indian ocean, the Black and Red seas and an interactive exhibition. All pebbles will be connected by a central space, which will contain cafe, auditorium and retail areas. This stunning concept was developed by Danish architect studio Henning Larsen Architects. And studio have won the first prize of Architects University Kolding.

Opera House for Izmir

Opera building don’t have to be boring classic. Architectors from Ozel Office based in bith LA, California nd Istanbul, Turkey decided to ruin all standarts and created stunning concept of Opera House for Izmir, a port town off the Aegean Coast. This concept combine two different architectural typologies: the tower and the amphitheater. "Architecture becomes a catalyst that reinforces the relationship between the old city, the new city, the waterfront and urban culture. In short, our vision is a synergy of spatial, cultural as well as practical and contextual aesthetics." Very interesting and beautiful concept!

Dream House Mahina

Some time ago we’ve shown you unique collection of buildings designed in the form of the moon. And the following house will continue this theme. The Mahina house (the Maori name for Moon) also has been designed by Weber Consulting in the shape of the crescent. It’s going to be built on Kawau Island, about 60km north of Auckland, New Zealand. With floor to ceiling windows and white modern interior with house looks really incredible. This luxury house is 827 square feet and have a plant room, deck, swimming pool and “thermal mass” to regulate internal temperatures. Official website says “A predominantly modern residence with a ‘Bondesque’ suggestion of times past; the glamorous age of martinis and tuxedos.” And it’s hard to object. This is really dream house. Despite of usual order we decided to show you video at the begining. It’s really stunning.

Futuristic Luxury Villa “Aura”

Located on the island of Cyprus near the international airport of Cyprus and the prestigious resort area Larnaca, this luxury villa “Aura” differs primarily by its unusual, futuristic design. Total house area is 912 square meters. Located directly on a stunning beach this villa has six bedrooms, a hammam, a media room, a gym, a wine cellar, a massive swimming pool with two jacuzzis, and a yoga platform. All the furniture, linen, finishings, appliances, features and technologies are carefully selected to be consistent with this overall concept. Many pieces are from world-famous luxury brands, designers, artists and sculptors. Andreas Trisveis the senior architect and managing director of Mobius Design Group designed this building after a direct assignment by Modern Building Technology – Cyprus. This fantastic villa is for sale for only €12,500,000. I would say pretty costly but luxury lifestyle is an expensive lifestyle.

Allandale House – New Look of Forest Cabin

To participate in the annual competition of experimental projects of novice architects PS1, a young American architect, William O’Brien, Jr. suggested the unusual “triangular” concept house. His Allandale House – a modern version of the forest cabin based on an extruded A-frame. The cabin consists of three conventional and visually identified asymmetric volumes. The skinny and highest part, which is located on the west side, contains an extensive library, wine cellar and a garage. Two floors of the widest part, which falls in the center of the house, contain bedrooms and bathrooms. The eastern part of the building consists of a living room, kitchen and dining room.

Impressive Pink House

Today we want to show you an interesting house with sloping floors, placed on the slope of the hill near Chernin, Czech Republic. The interior is based on the alternation of flat and sloping floors that give it form a spiral, and also determines the shape of the building. With this design the owners were able to place in the house a small cinema. All concept was created by Sepka Architekti. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Caribbean Paradise – Conch Shell House

Another house in the form of sea shell. And again in the Mexico. In the previous post we told you about Nautilus House in Mexico City. In this one we represent you Conch Shell House in the island of Isla Mujeres. The owner of the house is Octavio Ocampo, famous artist.

Palais Bulles

In the previous post we’ve talked about house in the form of shell – Nautilus House. But category “Creative houses” would be incomplete without mention of the villa of Pierre Cardin. This masterpiece of modern architecture is located 10 km away from Cannes and was built in 1989. Initially, the project was commissioned by rich industrialist, but he died before the end of construction. Then Cardin have found this building and not only invested 50 million francs, but joined to the architect Lovag in close creative collaboration. Villa is called “Palais Bulles” and occupies the territory of 1200 square meters. In addition to the villa in the surrounding area are situated amphitheater with 500 seats, a garden with various water pools (of course, round), Oak grove.

Living in a Shell – Nautilus House

This amazing house was build in 2006 by Arquitectura Orgánica. A young couple with two children from Mexico City who after living in a conventional home wanted to change to one integrated to nature. The goal of this project was to make it feel like an internal inhabitant of a snail, like a mollusk moving from one chamber to another, like a symbiotic dweller of a huge fossil maternal cloister.