Elegant Elkebana by Fabio MIlito + Paula Studio

The term ikebana refers to the ancient Japanese art of arranging floral elements in harmonious compositions, and it’s the conceptual basis for the playful product known as Elkebana . Imagined by designer Fabio Milito and brought to life in Paula Studio, it’s a trophy for plant lovers. Two glass-blown tubes are mounted on a birch wood base and hold a variety of flowers, branches, bamboo, and more. You just need your imagination to bring Elkebana to life! The design is reminiscent of hunting trophies, where an animal’s taxidermied head is proudly displayed on a similarly-shaped plaque. Elkebana transforms this idea by inviting people to instead make their own colorful creature and “horned friend.” Best of all, you can continuously change the floral arrangement and tailor it to your needs or room decor. Elkebana is currently available to purchase through the online design retailer Crowdy House.