New INFINITI Single-Seat Electric Prototype 10 Concept Car

Unveiled for the first time at this year’s Concours d’Elegance, INFINITI’s Prototype 10 is a single-seat, reimagined classic speedster, with a clean and forward-looking design. The car is a sleek update on Prototype 9, the retro-looking speedster that INFINITI presented at pebble beach last year. Prototype 10 is a physical manifestation of the Hong Kong Motor Company‘s ambitious plans for electrified performance, who has pledged to electrify all of its new production cars from 2021 onwards. “The INFINITI Prototype 10 echoes the layout and design of some of the most evocative car designs of all time, where power was celebrated through high-powered single-seat competition cars,” mentions Karim Habibi, INFINITI’s executive design director, “our new concept speaks of an electrified future, something which is reflected in its form and details. It is appropriate that we found inspiration in an optimistic bygone era in which cars were characterized by the simple love of driving.” Also we recommend you to check our list of the most expensive cars in the world.

Comfortable Mobile Office by LimousinesWorld

Here is a mobile office designed by LimousinesWorld – for the rich, successful people whose work requires constant presence, as well as those who like to travel in comfort. Mobile Office SUV is ideal for working in the road during the long-distance trips and traveling, and being in a car, you can work on your computer, use the Internet, watch TV. There are also work desks, large comfortable chairs, floor and ceiling lights, two 7-inch screen, DVD and stereo, and bar. And enough space inside for the reception of visitors. This exclusive office you can make based on the Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes GL, Lincoln Navigator, Infiniti QX56, or Ford Expedition.