David Tajchman’s Topological Gran Mediterraneo Tower For Tel Aviv

Designed by Belgian architect David Tajchman, the “Gran Mediterraneo” is a conceptual highrise building conceived for the Israeli city of Tel Aviv. The scheme brings together a range of innovative functions, including an automated car-park and induction charging stations for electric driverless vehicles. The multistorey tower boasts a topological geometry that contrasts the contemporary orthodox approach of stacked horizontal slabs wrapped with mirrored glass. Built with white concrete, the highrise’s façade takes on a cellular appearance, filled with native mediterranean vegetation. The tower offers a diverse mix of programs suitable for vertical living. as well as residential apartments and a hotel, the complex incorporates a range of bars and restaurants, farming areas and public gardens, swimming pools and dead sea spas. In addition, the “Gran Mediterraneo” includes coworking spaces for offices and local startups, alongside a host of educational and event spaces for larger functions. internal space is flexible, with individual apartments radiating out from the building’s central core. Each unit comprises a fluid arrangement of levels, with vast floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city below.