Modern Mountain Restaurant In The Italian Alps

The “Oberholz Mountain Hut” is a restaurant and lounge facility which protrudes out from the Italian Dolomites at 2,000 m above sea level. The scheme, which won a competition back in 2015, is designed by Milan-based firm Peter Pichler Architecture and Pavol Mikolajcak. Now completed, the new mountain hut provides a restaurant destination located next to the Oberholzcable station with direct connection to the snow-covered ski slopes. Peter Pichler Architecture and Pavol Mikolajcak created a main cantilevering structure that seemingly “grows” out of the steep terrain to reference a fallen tree. This metaphor is explored with the structure being divided into three main “branches”. Inside, these branches double as house-shaped tunnels that have been divided into three dining areas; each perfectly framing a picturesque view of the mountain landscape. The hut’s interiors follow the material expression of the exterior which has been constructed all in wood: structural elements and interior in spruce, the façade in larch, furniture in oak – all typical timbers from the area. The exposed truss system of the ceiling creates a dynamic visual expression and directs attention to the sloping roof structure which gradually dissolves into the walls. In turn, this has created “pockets” for more intimate spaces in the main restaurant and lounge area. Located by the entrance is a bar which opens out to a sprawling outdoor terrace and the journey continues into the restaurant. The project embraces the local architecture recognized in the area and this inherently expresses a contemporary interpretation of the classic mountain hut.

Nest-Like Col-Letto Bed from Lago

This comfortable and unusuals bed called Col-Letto Bed was created by Italian furniture manufacturer Lago. “Is it possible to create a bed that is comfortable and cozy as a nest? How would you sleep if wrapped in a visual and sound barrier that runs around the mattress? A ring of “soft foam” to relax and escape from daily routine. A “collar” for the bed can open right, left, or be completely rolled up or down like the neck of a turtleneck.”

Luxury Shoes Tribute to Marcello Mastroianni

Let us show you limited series of hand made Italian shoes tribute to Marcello Mastroianni. These extremely stylish shoes were created by company Bauta Italia using the best leather. Each pair has a serial number printed on a metal plaque which makes it look unique. The unique style of Bauta shoes is also highlighted by the coloured internal linings, shoestrings and soles: azure-blue for the right and purple for the left. Luxury shoes for men who want to be different. These shoes look gorgeous and this is strange why they are not in te list of the most expensive shoes ever.