Miniature Worlds Inside Wooden Rings By Secret Wood

These otherworldly rings are the creation of Canadian jewelry maker Secret Wood. These rings aren’t normal rings. These rings contain secret worlds. They’re all handmade using fresh wood, jewelry resin, and beeswax, and no two rings are the same which means that the little world you’ll carry on your finger is unique only to you. If you want to add something special to your jewelry collection then head on over to Secret Wood’s website where you can place your orders there.

Beautiful Luxury Jewelry

English jewelry house Saggi introduced a new collection of luxury rings. This beautiful collection consist of volumetric rings. A central element of each is a massive, semi-precious stone, framed with gold ornament and loose of diamonds. However, this is only the outer shell under which lies a miniature jewelry composition. Hidden heart can be seen by clicking the button from the Yakut emerald of reach green color. And the owner of this beautiful luxury jewelry can replace miniature and get a new beautiful ring. The rings are made of yellow and white gold 750-carat, decorated with 25 carat blue-London Blue and Swiss Blue topaz, Rauch-topaz and amethyst, surrounded by 156 diamonds. Miniatures are made of gold, decorated with colored enamel, diamonds (black, white and "champagne"), rubies, and sapphires.

Beautiful Melted Jewelry by Jung Eeeun

This collection of beautiful rip-like jewelry created by Jung Eeeun was inspired by the way that wax melts from a lit candle. The collection is called Droppings. It’s made from 18k yellow gold plated silver and the Stone Droppings include silver chain and a large natural quartz or tektite stone. It consists of rings, earings and brooches and looks really awesome. Check it out!

Surprisingly Stylish Jewerly from Naye Quiros

On the pages of our blog we try to show you not only unusual, but surprisingly stylish things. For example, these jewerly created by designer Naye Quiros. Naye Quiros was born in Mexico, she studied industrial design in Milan, and now she lives in Buenos Aires. And in her artworks she combines a surprising spirit of the Latin America and European sensibility. Simple and even a bit rough these jewerly just attract the eye!

Fantasy Jewelry

Today we want to show you unusual jewelry created by young artist from USA Sarah. This girl has a rare talant to transform natural things into original jewelry. Shells found on a coast, acorn picked up an in the forest or just a beautiful pebble turn into a fabulous pendants, earrings and rings. You should pay special attention to a series of ornaments created from ordinary keys – they’re just fantastically beautiful. By the way, Sarah takes orders for creating a completely unique jewelry exclusively for your taste.

Jewelry in Steampunk Style

Steampunk became very popular trend today. There were a few posts at our blog about steampunk sculptures – Remarkable Collection of Steampunk Sculptures and Unique Steampunk Insects. Today we want to show you another way of using this style: jewelry. Daniel Proulx from Canada creates really amazing steampunk rings, bracelets, pins and necklaces. If you want to be unique and if such jewelry in your style you can find all these stuff at

Tasty Jewelry from Oriona

We’ve already told you about the tendency to create jewelry based on culinary art – Delicious Rings from Japan. Today we want to continue this theme and show you the beautiful original works of young designer from Russia Oriona. Earrings and bracelets featured below are made from polymer clay. Size of details is about 2 cm. Each and every bracelet and earring exists in single copy. This collection looks insanely delicious! Bon Appetit!

“Punctirus” – Creativity with Line Cut

This is unusual jewerly called “Punctirus” was created by Russian famous studio ArtLebedev and is oriented to the beautiful half of humanity. It can be used as a necklace as well as a bracelet. In accordance with the name this original jewerly looks like a line cut with tiny scissors in the middle. The creativity of this necklace-braslet is beyond any doubt.

Tanishq Aarka

These expressive advertising posters were created by Suresh Natarajan from Mumbai, India, for jewerly company Tanishq. Rich colors, delicate light, very detailed composition, carefully attention to tones and texture… All this make an exellent series of posters.

Gothic Jewelry from Bjorg

Today we want to show unusual and creative jewerly collection made by Bjorg. Bjorg is 34 years old girl designer from Norway. As noticed on her biography she was never fascinated by classical jewellery, there has to be a soul. And according to these thoughts she created fabulous jewerly collection consisted of necklace, rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants. Everything is made from precious and natural materials. Products created by Bjorg can be described with the words “gothic”, “vintage”, “fabulous”, “surreal”…