Creative Hollow Chair

Vancouver based artist Judson Beaumont, Designer and owner of Straight Line Designs, has to be known for our reader as creator of elegant Little Black Dresser. This time he created an amazing armchair called Holow Chair. Its shape allows to to storage many different things.The “bottom” of this chair is absolutely hollow and can be completed in its sole discretion. Here you can arrange toys or books, crafts, or magazines, store in slippers, chargers and remote controls of household appliances. Since this shelf in the chair doesn’t have a door, the cavity can be filled with decorative objects such as artificial flowers and garlands. You can even allow your pet to lie there. Take a look!

Little Black Dresser

Why does furniture need to be practical? This gorgeous piece of furniture is art! It was designed by Vancouver based artist Judson Beaumont and called the Little Black Dresser. It looks like classic little black dress and even uses hanger to be installed into interior. Extravagant and beautiful decoration of your home interior!