Large Tactical Folding Knife With Unique Opening Mechanism

Alberto Gariboldi from Repiks is a young knife maker and inventor of the LOCKIN’, an large tactical folding knife with a blade that is considerably longer than the handle, which was never thought to be technically possible. In the closed configuration, the mechanism allows to accommodate a blade that is much longer than the handle, making it possible to carry a foldable knife that, when open, is as large as one with a fixed blade. “The LOCKIN’ system was born with the goal of combining the characteristics of the fixed knife with the one of a closable in a single object. It is based on a four-center and five pins roto-translation movement. The open configuration system has different supporting surfaces between the components, making it particularly rigid and robust, with high survival performance and extremely durable even for the most demanding operations. The engineering of this knife, in fact, causes the LOCKIN’ to flex-twist and have a strength similar to a regular fixed knife.”

Unique Handmade Damascus Pocket Knife – Gentac Silver Warrior

The late American artist Frank Frazetta was a pioneer of fantasy and science fiction art, his vivid creations gracing the covers of books, comic books, music albums and many other things. In honor of his genius and incredible work, the Oregon-based men’s accessories brand William Henry has introduced the stunning Silver Warrior collection. Inspired by the artist’s 1972 Silver Warrior painting, depicting a sword-wielding warrior atop a sled being pulled through a snowy landscape, this incredible collection includes bracelets, pendants, necklaces, a ring, a miniature pocket knife, and even a key fob.

Stone Age-Inspired Knives by Klivisson Campelo

Klivisson Campelo, founder and design of Brazilian studio Monkiy’s Design, designed the ‘IP Knife,’ the knife design looks and feels like a piece of stone age weaponry thanks to the carved, geometric design that is inspired by the aesthetic of the aero head. The ‘IP Knife’ is meant to provide a modern yet comfortable means of chopping in the kitchen. Intended to be held various ways to obtain the desired form, the ‘IP Knife’ is a modern knife design that appeals through design yet satisfies with precision. Although conceptual, it’s certain that the ‘IP Knife’ would be coveted by chefs alike thanks to the design and purported function of the product.

Fantasy Knife by BladesUSA

Christmas is a perfect time for presents, even if your friend has special wish list. This fantasy knife will be a perfect gift for a fan of fantastic stories or comics. “MC-2079 Fantasy Knife” by BladesUSA measures 14.5 inches long and is shaped like a scorpion with two full tang black stainless steel blades which form the sides and claws. There’s a also metal tail with stainless steel stinger blade. It has a rubber coated handle and metal forearm plate. It even includes wood display stand. And it’s available for only $50 on Amazon.

Creative Tableware by Qiyun Deng

This set of disposable tableware referencing the textured skins of fruits and vegetables was created by Chinese designer Qiyun Deng. Made from a bioplastic derived from renewable resources, the series of utensils is completely biodegradable, solving the environmental problem typically prevalent in disposable products. The project blends the texture and color of culinary items into the cutlery, visualizing their source materials: the leaf of an artichoke becomes the bowl of a soup spoon, a stalk of celery transforms into the handle of a fork, a pineapple stem is the blade of a knife, and a whole carrot acts as the grip of a small spoon.

Jaws Knife Sharpener

Jaws knife sharpener is a cool mix of simplicity, practicality, usefulness and good humor. It’s another great product from creative studio Propaganda. Just slide your knife through “Jaws” mouth to sharpen, the bottom is designed with anti-slip material to keep it stabilized while you use it. The friendly sharpener costs $25, you can get it here.

“Bat to the Bones” Collection

This time we will show you pretty interesting collection created by BTTB (Bat to the Bones). Their collection contains only bat, knife and bar. But all these limited art object are individually crafted and not intended to be mass-produce. “Sometimes a combination is so darn perfect, it appears to be an easy task to convince somebody of our commitment to design and producing quality work. If we were asked to boil down our work to its fundamental components we will probably go for this:”Revel in the craft that´s gone into it. Be it handmade digitalism or just simple things in life that make us inordinately happy”. ” So if you want to have really unique item – pay attention to this collection. Have fun!

Primitive Knife by Michele Daneluzzo

While studying at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna Italian designer Michele Daneluzzo developed this “Primitive Knife” and it is currently in production with Italian cutlery brand Del Ben. Michele took inspiration from tools used by early humans when designing this stainless steel knife. The implement is formed from one petal-shaped piece of steel, reminiscent of flint cutting utensils from the Stone Age. “The project analyses the different aspects of the intrinsic relationship between mankind and design, proposing to the modern culture a forgotten tool.” Instead of a handle found on contemporary knives, a subtle ridge runs along the thicker top of the blade to aid grip. The shape slims towards the front and bottom to create the sharp cutting edge. The knife is available in polished or blasted steel and is stored upright on a pebble-like stand that comes included. If you like modern cultery then you should check The Deglon Meeting Knife Set.

Limited Edition EvoWood Swiss Army Knife

Wenger with the L.L. Bean collaboration created Swiss Army Knife made using EvoWood, a sustainable wood made from reclaimed walnut, to celebrate 100 year anniversary of L.L. Bean. The anniversary edition includes a screwdriver, knife, bottle opener, wire bender, nail file, nail cleaner and more. Each knife comes in a custom gift box and has a 100-year anniversary logo engraved on the handle and the knife blade. L.L. Bean is selling the knife as part of an exclusive, limited-edition release. Take a look!

Animal Pocket Knife by David Suhami

The following anti-boredom Swiss pocket knife created by Israeli designer David Suhami is a funny mix between the traditional Swiss box cutter and an exotic jungle safari. David has created an “animal pocket knife” while at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Tel Aviv. He turned this common object into giraffes, antelopes and rhinos. Made of stainless steel and Tabebuia wood, it allows up to 81 different combinations. Take a look!

The Deglon Meeting Knife Set

Designed by Mia Schmallenbach, the Deglon Meeting Knife Set won first prize in the 5th European Cutlery Design Awards. This set of sculptural, nested knives is practical, durable and a work of art. The set is made of high quality stainless steel and seemingly appears to be created from a single block of stainless steel. To remove each knife, simply press down near the tip of the blade and lift knife away by the handle. The set includes 4 knifes, a paring knife, a utility knife, a chef knife and a slicer. You can buy it here.

Limited Edition Set by Gustafsson & Sjögren

This limited edition set consisting of watch and knife soon will be released by Swedish watch maker Gustafsson & Sjögren (GoS). "Johan Gustafsson is actually a bladesmith who specializes in creating beautiful Damascus steel. His work has been transformed into watch cases and dial in the GoS brand, but now you can get one of their watches and knives together in a beautiful set." The watch is called the GoS Vile. And the knife is called the Oden. According to Nordic mythology Vile and Oden where gods and brothers. The dial, crown, and lug screws are in Damascus steel. Inside the watch is a Swiss ETA Unitas 6498-1 manually wound movement. The Oden knife is a standard folding-blade style piece completely done in Damascus steel. The blade and handle parts are all done using different styles of Damascus steel. Extremely beautiful set!

3D Armed Notebooks

Show everyone that your notes are dangerous with these nonstandard notebooks. The Black Notebook Series consists of 3 cool armed notebooks featuring 3D weapons molded on the cover and unique pages in between. "Here, weapons which may typically be viewed as symbols of violence are converted to tools for peace. Our creativity and knowledge expressed through words and sketches are the best means to get our points across, not through force and/or violence – a strong message conveyed by the designer."

Porsche Design Knives

The well-known companies Wenger that created popular Swiss Army Knife and Porsche Design have released new collection – Porsche Design Knives. New knives include standart set of tools that you could find in others multi-functional pocket knives but have much more elegant design. The collection consist of two models: black Porsche Design P’3700 Swiss Army Knife and Porsche Design Original of ruthenium color. While the price for ruthenium version is $210, the black model has no pricing details.

Extra Sharp Advertising

Hamburg advertising agency KNSK have created a very clever concept of advertising compain for the German manufacturer of kitchen accessories WMF. The compain’s goal – to emphasize the fact that kitchen knives from WFM are incredibly sharp. WFM knives are so sharp and perfect that they can be used to cut out pieces of art from fruits and vegetables. Really spectacular and beautifulads for the products of this kind.