Stunning Landscapes by Ilja Mašík

This time we’ll show you amazing photos of talented photographer Ilja Mašík. Ilja Mašík lives in Czech Republic, travels all over the world and captures really stunning landscapes. Ilja specialized in commercial and stock photography with a great use of post production to achieve what would be inaccessible photos. Just take a look!

Beautiful Landscapes by Ben Geier

Today we want to show you landscapes of American photographer Ben Geier. Ben Geier is a professional digital and film photographer, art director and designer currently based in Batavia, IL, USA. He shoots a lot of cinematography and 35mm photography. Ben works with clients like: Lexus, Hitachi, LG, Toyota, Motorola, Dove and others. And we recommend you to check our list of 25 most beautiful places in the world.

Allard Schager’s Stunning Landscapes

This weekend we want to amaze you with stunning landscapes of talented photographer. Allard Schager is an all-round freelance photographer, based in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. He is specialized in urban, landscape, architecture and interior photography. On the following collection you will see beautiful landscapes and cityscapes of various places from all around the world. In a few minutes you will see Italy and Belgium, Brugge and San Francisco! And you will enjoy this journey! Have fun!

Brothers Grimm’s Wanderings Photo Project

Brothers Grimm’s Wanderings is the second part of a photo project that started with Brothers Grimm’s Homeland. The photos are inspired by the old fairtytales written by the Brothers Grimm. Therefore Kilian Schönberger is searching places throughout Central Europe that echo the mood of those old stories. ‘I think there is a deep longing for tranquil naturalness among people in our techonology-driven environment. Therefore I don’t want to show just potrayals of natural scenes – I want to create visually accessible places where the visitor can virtually put his mind at rest and make up his own stories. Possibly this is the real benefit of my work: Resting places for the eyes in an visually overstimulated world.” Take a look!