Lifelike Mushroom LED

If you want to make your home closer to nature then you should pay attention to these tiny light sculptures called Mushroom LEDs which we’ve found at ChilliChilly. Combining LED lamps and recycled wood, these glowing small mushrooms look surprisingly lifelike. It’s supposed that these shining mushrooms are ideal for intimate interior of the bedroom. You choose…

LED Light and Armchair

In modern life it became very important for furniture to be compact and to have several various functions. Like this unique furniture “Light and armchair” which was found at LED-Emotionalize. It have two functions. First one is LED lamp – calm light can be used both as a night lamp and as a lamp for reading. The second function is armchair and at the same time bookshelf. Besides of its advantages this armchair have stylish design and will be suitable for almost all decors. Looking at the last wave in furniture design – Compact LadyBird or Mini Kitchen – it becomes very clear how this branch will be proceed in further.