Popular Electronics Brands in 3D Alpahabet

Taking inspiration from a wide variety of electronic brands, designer Vinicius Araújo designed this alphabet of Helvetica letterforms, each modeled after a brand’s namesake product. The letter “N” for Nintendo becomes a retro-styled NES gaming system while the “B” for Beats grabs the aesthetic of comfy headphones. Araújo went even further with several of the letters to create a few brief animations.

Unique Wall Art Using Plants and Moss

Creating graffiti art from moss is quite popular nowadays. But today we want to show you something different. Art We Heart makes unique wall art using plants and moss. From trendy symbols like @ and # to cities like LA and NY, each piece is hand made in Los Angeles, turning plants into a new form of wall art. They even do custom orders.

Letters Can Kill Advertising Campaign

New Zealand studio Lightfarm Studios unveiled campaign “Letters can kill” for Mitsubishi, dedicated to the growing problem of danger of typing behind the wheel. After you view this series of posters you should remember how dangerous could be typing behind the wheel. The same dangerous as world known dictators and killers.

Lighttype Fine Porceline Letters by Seletti

Today we want to show you interesting lamps “Lighttype Fine Porceline Letters”. “Everything from an initial to the word or words of your choice. You are only limited by the alphabet…and the words you know how to spell. Each letter sold separately. ” Such alphabet opens up opportunities for self-expression. Don’t you think? And, the price for each letter is $180. You can buy it here.

Creative Typography by Peter Tarka

This time we want to show you some typography art works created by Peter Tarka, graphic designer from Wrocław, Poland. “He has worked as an graphic designer since 2008. His works being featured in many magazines and sites about graphic design (Behance, Abduzeedo, PSDtuts and many many more). Peter sure knows how to deliver a strong creative typographic works. He has worked for all kinds of companies, Tarka is also member of the Slashthree, Keystone Design Union and Goverdose.” Take a look!

Creative Letters by Comming Soon

For sure you will like this interesting example of typography but you will say WOW when realize that these creative letters are real. They were created by Belgian studio Coming Soon for the Gent Scheppende Stad (Ghent Creative City). By the words of creators: “Gent Scheppende Stad (Ghent Creative City) is an initiative of the city council of Ghent to (together with several creative forces/different sectors of society) look for solutions for the urban challenges, so they can shape the future of Ghent together. Gent Scheppende Stad has been organized as a network of equal partners (companies, associations and individuals). There is no membership, everyones free to commit themselves for a short or long period. Soon created 4 big letters G, E, N and T, on which the habitat of Ghent (GENT) was represented by means of scale models.”

Character – Recycling Typography

“We choose the letters that have character, take them, replace the old neon tubes with LED’s, check that they are ok and put them on our website”, says Aleksi Hautamäki, one of the founders of the Finnish company called Character, which recycles the signs to be used as individual letters. “These pieces of typography are all unique design objects, why should they be demolished?”

Beatiful Paper Letters by Jerome Corgier

Today we want to show you unusual type of typography – beautiful letters made out from paper by talanted artist from France Jerome Corgier. “I work just inside the letter, to give it life, history… ” Each letter is unique and for sure Jerome spent a lot of time to create them. So check these creative letters and have fun!