LYFE: Zero-Gravity Growing System

Lyfe is a small planter engineered to float a 12-sided geodesic silicone planter above a wooden base as a “zero-gravity growing system”. Similar to the magical Hoshinchu Air Bonsai with an electromagnetic base previously devised by the Swedish company, Lyfe is designed to allow plants to float and rotate for even sunlight exposure throughout the day. But let’s be honest, all this talk is secondary to the pleasure of enjoying a floating indoor garden gently rotating at your desk, a subtle technological feat of electromagnetism. Designed specifically with air plants in mind – because of their ability to grow without soil – the planter hides a small drainage system to prevent overwatering.

Levitating Light FLYTE

Simon Morris was 16 and he dreamt of having a hover board, so much so that he was always trying to levitate his own prototypes with magnets. Fifteen years later, he has made all sorts of objects levitate, from nike shoes to speakers, and now he has focused on FLYTE, a light that levitates. You can see more about FLYTE on Kickstarter – here. “FLYTE is a levitating light, which hovers by magnetic levitation and is powered through the air. With FLYTE, we’ve set the lightbulb free. The world moves so fast, so take a break from gravity and experience something surreal that appears suspended in time. FLYTE requires no batteries and powers light through the air via induction. Wireless power transfer transmission has been around since the days of Nikola Tesla. With FLYTE we’ve packed some of Tesla’s tech and combined it with magnetic levitation, opening up a magical world of possibilities. Our wireless power module transmits about 5V and is completely safe and harmless. Edison and Tesla can finally be friends. Power is transferred wirelessly from the base to the bulb.”