The Liquid Glacial Table by Zaha Hadid

If you need something creative for your interiro then you should pay attention to this cool table designed by Zaha Hadid. This masterpiece is called the the Liquid Glacial Table. This piece of translucent, clear acrylic that resembles a small glacier, with incredibly beautiful legs that seem to be water vortexes, is truly bespoke and would easily be the focal point of your living room. The designer managed to immortalize two important states of water, ice, as a solid, and water itself as a liquid in this chic and elegant table. Take a look!

Liquid Glass by Jean Bérard Fotografía

These stunning images were created by Mexican photography studio Jean Bérard Fotografía (JFB). They have developed a series of images which capture the chaos and unpredictability of liquids. “Instead of water being contained within a vessel “liquid glass” depicts it splashing about the exterior of six different containers in a strategic and methodical way, resolved using only photography techniques.” Enjoy!

Steampunk Liquid Lights

Liquid Lights created by designer Tanya Clarke are positioned as sculptures but not as interior elements. They are created from recycled plumbing pieces, LEDs and hand sculpted glass drops. Through combining all those components we get various steampunk lights: wall lights, desk lights and even liquid lights for streets instead of standart streetlights. It’s a little bit hard to imagine such decoration within one particular apartment but who knows… perhaps it’ll look steampunky cool!