Mobile Living Module BLOOM

Another mobile living module that works absolutely independently on renewed energy sources. It’s called BLOOM and equipped by solar batteries, air and liquid solar collectors, water treating filters, the furnace of slow burning and system of processing of dust. Living space consists of entrance zone, three private living zones (each on two persons) and the general territory with lunch zone. Also BLOOM could be transformed for increasing internal space and connected with some modules together. The creator of this project Olga Kalugina claims that module is intended for six peoples from three days about one week.

LED Light and Armchair

In modern life it became very important for furniture to be compact and to have several various functions. Like this unique furniture “Light and armchair” which was found at LED-Emotionalize. It have two functions. First one is LED lamp – calm light can be used both as a night lamp and as a lamp for reading. The second function is armchair and at the same time bookshelf. Besides of its advantages this armchair have stylish design and will be suitable for almost all decors. Looking at the last wave in furniture design – Compact LadyBird or Mini Kitchen – it becomes very clear how this branch will be proceed in further.

Compact Ladybird

Continuing the theme of compact furniture – Mini Kitchen and [Matroshka] – we want to show another great living concept – compact bath ‘Ladybird’. It’s a bath and vanity at the same time. Just remove the lid and you’ll get ‘sit’ style bath. Except its transforming function it’s very stylish unit for apartment with limited living space. The idea of this concept belong to designer from Sydney, Australia – Coco Reynolds.

Pick Chair as a Wall Art

Studio Dror from New York invented an original solution for maximization of living space. Their furniture called BBB Pick Chair isn’t only functional furniture but a wall art. After or instead its primal function you could hang them on the wall and make your apartment more stylish. Several variations of chairs allow you to find the most suitable one. Check our last collection of creative chair designs.

Intertwined Shelves

Some designers have enough talant to turn usual interior elements into art pieces. Maria Yasko – interior designer from Russia – desided to transform such simple element as shelves into multifunctional bizarre intertwined furniture. Besides its primary functionality it can be used as part of room decoration.

Rocking Shell Chair

Design Studio Novague from Prague created a rocking chair fitted with dynamo machine. Movement of the chair produces energy sufficient to power the lamp for reading.

[Matroshka] – a compact living concept

This unusual all-in-one furniture set was invented by the group of student. In its most packed fromat it takes up less space then 4 m2and yet it has room for: book shelf, double bed, sofa or corner sofa, dinner table or sofa table, fours stools, 12 seats all together, working place, wardrobe, cleaning products, drawer for small clothes e.g. socks, folder storage. Great solution for maximizing quality of living, especially for those in confined dwellings. But this is only a project for now.