Embassy Gardens Sky Pool in London

The pool forms part of the Embassy Gardens Legacy Building, a project commissioned by developers Ballymore who selected HAL Architects to work alongside Arup associates as engineers, Camlins as landscapers and Luis Bustamante to work on the scheme’s interiors. The remainder of the 2,000-unit complex will include a “working from home” business area, a gym and a rooftop bar. The transparent swimming pool will be 90 feet long, connecting two of the structures within the Embassy Gardens apartment complex, all while being suspended 10 stories (about 115 feet) in the air. The glass-bottomed pool will be nearly 10 feet deep, 19 feet wide and allow residents the ability to swim back and forth (or use the walkway) to visit the building’s rooftop bar, spa and orangery – all while enjoying those beautiful views The buildings will start on site in the summer of 2015 with the first completions due in 2017.

Skyline Chess Set

Want to play chess with really creative chess set? Then this Skyline chess set is for you! This set recreates the London cityscape over the checkered black and white plane of the beloved, ever-popular board game. Designers Ian Flood and Chris Prosser have translated traditional set pieces into prominent London landmarks, drawing from both the symbolic value of the built form as well as their role on the chess board. Pawns become the quintessential London abode, a humble terraced house; the bishops become the gherkin (50 st. Mary Axe); knights are the all-seeing London eye; the rooks manifest as the iconic Big Ben; the queen is appropriately the most dominant building on the London skyline, Renzo piano’s shard ; finally, the might and presence of the king take on the form of Canary wharf. While the skyline chess set is still in prototype phase, a Kickstarter campaign has been launched to bring the game to the market and offers a full set starting at £75 and a cast metal version starting at £350. “We don’t want to stop at London…..we have visions of global domination! Why not play your home city against that of your friends or family; London vs. Paris, New York vs. Rome, Dubai vs. Shanghai.”

London 2012 Olympics Stamps

Hat-Trick have designed a set of four postage stamps to mark the start of the London 2012 Olympics. The stamps feature iconic London landmarks blended with Olympic sports to celebrate both the sport and the landmarks of London – they will be released today in the UK (Friday 27th July). “The pictured athletes are all elite members of the GB teams so they are all due to compete. We had to make sure that they are not recognizable individually as it was important that these are not just GB specific, but rather about the sports themselves. However we wanted to make sure that the sports are represented properly by shooting real athletes in action. One of the trickiest was the fencing and tower bridge stamp.” Take a look!