Retro Photoshoot for Magazine Beauty

This beautiful photoshoot was found in portfolio of artist PetOrly from Sofia, Bulgaria. This series of photos were created for the cover of magazine Beauty and the model on cover is prima ballerina of The National Opera and Ballet in Sofia Diliana Nikiforova. Some retro motives and extremely beautiful girl made this cover at least unforgetable. So, don’t stop and move forward to see the rest photos from this beautiful photoshoot.

Alive Objets Series

Very intersting ideas was used while creating this poster for DJ Toni Rox. Designer Vicente García Morillo from Spain made a great combination of various elements to represent the artist. For example these owl eyes were created by using old records. It’s really beautiful work, starting from colors and to the illustration at whole. Hope you’ll like it too!

Stylish Thread Magazine

Today we want to show you very stylish magazine about costume design Thread Magazine. Design concept was created by graphic designer John Nguyen from United States. This magazine highlights the best costume designs in television and film. And it looks appropriately to its purpose. How do you think?