Stripes & Polka Dots by Julia Kuzmenko McKim

Today we want to show you really stunning photos by Julia Kuzmenko McKim. Bright makeup, beautiful models Eugena Washington, Playmate of the year 2016, and Ekaterina Koba – this is the reason of such effect. Just take a look!

Creepy Halloween Makeup of Nikki Shelley

Nikki Shelley has gained an impressive following on Facebook thanks to her incredible make-up skills. The mother of-three uses face paints to create a variety of different monsters and terrifying faces. She had no training, and taught herself to face-paint at home in Rugby, Warwickshire. “I started painting my kids’ faces for Halloween, then I asked Craig [her husband] if I could paint him as well. But I knew I couldn’t paint on them all the time so I started painting my own face. I started to think of ways I could make my work different. I wanted to stand out and try new things. Luckily it has paid off.” Shelley now offers her talents at events such as birthday parties and weddings.

Makeup Artist Turns Her Lips Into Cartoon Characters

Today we want to show 17 example of really creative makeup. Makeup artist Laura Jenkinson turns her lips into different cartoon characters. Some of them look really weird but interesting. And you should surely admit creativity and excellent execution. Check them all!