The SeaOrbiter: Futuristic Marine Research Vessel

This is not another futuristic hotel. It’s a futuristic oceanographic marine vessel that would be constructed with the sole aim of exploring the world’s oceans. Called The SeaOrbiter it would serve as a scientific laboratory as scientists explore the places that cover two-thirds of our planet and contain 80% of all life on Earth — the oceans. The brainchild of French architect Jacques Rougerie, The SeaOrbiter would also be the world’s first vertical ship standing at an impressive 170 feet (51m) tall. In order to make the vessel as stable as possible, two-thirds of its structure would remain underwater, giving the craft buoyancy, as well a “fish-collection system for studies of the pelagic ecosystem, plankton biodiversity, and fish stocks.” The SeaOrbiter concept, the $52.7 million project, has been discussed for over 12 years and as been dismissed on countless occasions as a pipe dream, but it seems like the project has gained traction and construction is rumored to start in October with the vessel launching next year. Take a look!