Mobile Tiny Home from Restored Vintage Airstream

In Denver, Colorado, a new company called Colorado Caravan aims to make the dreams of Airstream fanatics come true. Husband and wife Patrick Neely and Kerri Cole rescued “Bonnie,” a 21-foot 1969 Globetrotter from Fairplay, Colorado, after it had been sitting unused and full of rodents for 12 years. A thorough cleanup and all-new interior resulted in a mobile retreat that prioritizes functionality, airiness, and sleek, livable design. As one of the smaller Airstream trailers—the company’s largest measure up to 33 feet long—the vintage Globetrotter proved the perfect space for the couple, clocking in at 140 square feet. Colorado Caravan works as a team, with Neely demoing and building out the remodeled space and Cole using her skills as a real estate stager and stylist for the design. Neely demoed Bonnie down to the original aluminum framing, added new insulation, replaced the rotten sub floor, and added all new electrical, AC, plumbing, and windows.

The Alpod – A Mobile Home from Aluminium For The Future

Conceived as a mobile home of the future, “The Alpod”, developed by James Law Cybertecture, Aluhouse and Arup explores modular construction based on creating a flexible and open-plan living space. The lightweight shell composed of aluminum makes the module easy to transport, that aluminum’s multi-faceted advantages of being light weight, strong, corrosion resistant, and impervious to firewhile its versatile and straightforward layout allows it to adapt as a home, holiday cabin, an office, retail or exhibition space. A distinctive feature of the alpod project is its potential to be stacked into a uniquely designed multi-structures to accommodate ever increasing populations and lack of available land. The glazed sliding doors fill the interior with light and fresh air. it is engineered as a fully integrated dwelling with environmental controls, air conditioning and fitted kitchen and bathrooms; providing the necessities to facilitate the day-to-day life of the user. Eric Kwong, managing director of Aluhouse, comments about the mobile home’s material: “Aluminum easily adapts to different climates and environments, and its light weight also enhances mobility, allowing a home to be moved from one place to another in an easy and convenient way without dismantling or reconstructing facilities,” explains Kwong. “Moreover, aluminum can be recycled, making it a green, earth-friendly building material. in fact, today aluminum is widely used in the aerospace industry, as well as in airplanes, the next generation of automobiles, and even the latest smart phones and telecommunication products.”

Prefab House “Monohedron”

Let us show you great example of mobile house designed by Andrej Cverha. “Monohedron is a prefab house that is mobile and suits almost any environment or climate. The idea is to move away from the predictable comfort of a brick and concrete home to something more versatile as this. With the options of adding layers of floors as per needs, the concept of your dream home takes on a whole new meaning. Customized and prefab are two words that don’t usually gel together well, but looks like this mobile home has sort of nailed it.” Take a look!