Miniature Tree Houses for Houseplants

Artist Jedediah Corwyn Voltz constructs miniature tree houses nestled in and around potted plants and bonsai. The tiny buildings, which range from stylish lofts to minimalist studios, have similar features to their full-sized counterparts, and Voltz has outfitted them with decorative rugs, art objects, and wooden furniture. Some even have minuscule houseplants lining their porches! This incredible attention to detail brings these playful spaces to life, and it’s easy to imagine that they’re inhabited by pint-sized residents. To produce the sculptures, Voltz draws from his decade-long experience as a commercial prop maker for movies. As a result, everything is meticulously handcrafted by the artist, with materials like silk and wood cobbled together into fully-realized structures.

Creative Creations from Objects Found in the Streets

Using everyday objects that he collected from the streets of Berlin, German artist Martin Roller constructs intriguing and surprising mash-ups. Each new creation looks transformed and as if it is on display in an advertisement. In Roller’s surreal world, a hairbrush has sharpened pencils in place of its bristles and a set of “shoes” is actually a pair of bananas with bright white shoelaces. Roller’s unique eye even manages to turn a car tire into a visually deceiving birthday cake. No matter what the mash-up, each piece takes on a futuristic quality that is both surreal and oddly realistic in its execution.

Slinkachu’s “Little People Project”

Slinkachu is as a London-based artist who creates very small street-based installations and then photographs them. He modifies tiny human figurines from model train sets and places them in real urban situations, capturing them sight-seeing, camping, grocery shopping, fighting and dying. Slinkachu creates tiny scenarios that, seen from afar, are almost unrecognizable, but when viewed up-close unveil an almost-hidden alternate reality. Take a look!

Luigi Prina: The Ships That Sail Through The Clouds

83 years old Italian architect Luigi Prina makes flying boats. He started making things as a young man, winning an aircraft modeling competition and moving into his career as an architect. Then, fifty years after that first championship, he crossed paths with boat builder Eugenio Tomiolo and began to create flying boats. The flying ships are made from ultrathin paper and balsa wood. Everything is optimized for flight: from the weight (between 20 and 50 grams) to the aerodynamic shape. They fly like any propeller airplane. The only difference is that here the propeller is powered by an internal elastic band and not an engine.

Written Portraits for
Collective Promotion Dutch Literature

Each year CPNB (Collective Promotion Dutch Literature) organises the Dutch Book Week to promote Dutch literature. And every year a specific genre is being profiled. This year the (auto) biography is featured. This is translated in the theme “Geschreven Portretten”, which translates in “Written Portraits”. Van Wanten Etcetera created the campaign, which show the different faces behind the (auto) biographies. Anne Frank, Vincent van Gogh, Louis van Gaal and Kader Abdollah (writer of the biographic Book Week give away). Souverein made the artwork and did an amazing job creating realistic images. Even original book pages were used for the text inside the portraits to get right structure for each portrait.

Beautiful Paper Rolls by Anastassia Elias

Today we want to show you something extra creative. This form of art is quite unusual but it is amazing. Mostly because all these beautiful perspectives were created using ordinary paper rolls and manicure scissors and tweezers. The author of these stunning rolls is illustrator from France – Anastassia Elias. Definetly Anastassia have creative mind and a lot of patience.

Robots Sculptures by Gordon Bennett

At the start Gordon Bennett had a lot of useless junk and crazy ideas. And he had enough talent and skills to transform it into different funny robots with cool names. Each robot sculpture is absolutely unique and takes about a month to build. They are not meant to be a toy. But they could be a part of exellent home collection. If you do like such sculptures be sure to check our post about steampunk sculptures. And get a great pleasure while viewing these robots!

Miniature World of Michael Paul Smith

These photos are not so ordinary as it might appear at first glance. The fact is that each and every shot is a part of a miniature world called Elgin Park carefully constructed and photographed by Michael Paul Smith. To get this effect it was used an old trick described in many specialized books. You should just put the model in one line with the background. And no photoshop! All buildings are constructed on a scale 1 / 24 by the author. That’s how Michael Paul Smith transforms his love for 20 centuries into real modern art.

Amazingly Realistic Aircraft Modeling

Mr. Young C. Park from Honolulu, Hawaii ia a retired dentist with passion to aircraft modeling. This passion goes from childhood and transforms into amazingly realistic models of airplain. The Corsair had always been a favorite of Young C. Park and he decided to built the small model from aluminium. This model contains every rivet, every bolt, every cartridge from real plain but much more smaller. The Corsair from Young C. Park is just incredibly realistic.