Modular Wikkel House

The Wikkel House is the perfect solution for those who can’t be tied down. Both modular and easily movable, the sleek design of the Wikkel house boasts sleek aesthetics without the worry of the rooting yourself into one location for life. Named after the Dutch word for wrapping, each 1.2-meter wide segment of the house is created by wrapping 24 layers of eco-friendly and high-quality cardboard around a house-shaped mold. The result is the sandwich structure you see before you along with optimal insulation qualities. It can be broken down and reassembled wherever your wandering curiosity takes you; from the beach to the mountains to the desert to even you own private island if you so choose. And since it’s so modular, you can add extra meters to the home, create your own floorplan and even change it later if you so decide. There are also options for a kitchen, bathroom, or shower addition, all enclosed within this unique structure that’s finished with a waterproof coating and wood paneling to make it last a lifetime. Pricing available upon request.