Ronin 47 Concept Motorcycle

When Harley Davidson stopped production of the Buell 1125 back in 2010, the founders of Ronin Motor Works created the Ronin Concept Motorcycle, a spectacular superbike that will continue on after the demise of the Buell 1125. Ronin 47 is built around the revolutionary engine and frame of the Buell, but has had a major facelift with many mechanical and cosmetic changes to give it a furiously aggressive streetfighter look. 47 refers to the number of Ronins being made, the price tag is of $38,000. Also you might be interested to check our list of the fastest bikes in the world.

Chicara Art Motorcycles by Chicara Nagata

Japanese artist Chicara Nagata is showing “art pieces, most commonly known as motorcycles” at MB&F’s M.A.D. Gallery in Geneva until February, 2013. For the past 20 years, Chicara Nagata has been dedicating his entire energy “to the creation of art pieces, most commonly known as motorcycles.” says M.A.D. Gallery. Chicara draws, crafts and assembles close to 500 components that are then added to a vintage engine, manufactured between 1939 and 1966. The number of pieces and the time spent on each machine gives a completely different dimension to the motorcycle. “His obsession for detail is not surprising when you know that he is a graphic designer who spent nearly 3 years into the completion of his first piece of art CHICARA ONE, he finished in 2004 after 7500 hours of work.” The unique pieces, named Chicara Art one to four, have won six consecutive awards at shows in Belgium, France, and Germany “before garnering global recognition at the AMDChampionship (the most recognized custom bike award worldwide).” Take a look! And also take a look at our list of the fastest motorcycles in the world.

Electric-Powered Scooter Concept from MINI

MINI has unveiled retro-futuristic conceptual model of electric-powered scooter called MINI E Scooter Concept. This concept shares traditional MINI design: these are typical large speedometers and oval mirrors, square rear lights and chrome inserts. There will be possibility to store power on lithium-ion batteries, use electric motors built into the rear wheels, and accept charge via retractable leads in the back. If this concept will get positive feedback from public and experts at the 2010 Paris Motor Show the mass production of MINI Scooter will not take long.

Zero Moto – Concept of High-Speed Electric Motorcycle

Eco concepts more and more confidently enter into the life of modern people – eco building, eco cars, and now – eco motorcycles. The presence of an electric motor for motorcycles is nothing new but the concept of the motorcycle we will show today – is not just electric motorcycle. “Zero Moto” – is a concept of eco all-while drive motorcycle with electric motors placed in the front and rear wheels and on-board processor for the control of torque. First of all you will notice an unusual, futuristic design of the concept developed by designer Wes Rhoad. The inspiration for such a design was the Art Deco Steam Locomotives. We’ve previously written about another concept of motorcycle – ARX 3 designed in a similar style.

Electric Motorcycle from Paolo De Giusti

Let us show you very interesting concept of electric motorcycle created by industrial designer from Italy Paolo De Giusti. Massive corp, aggresive look and at the same time eco-friendly concept. Unusual combination, don’t you think? As designer noted this is "innovative electrical motorcycle with a new “;Shared Battery” system”. More about this system from author of this concept Paolo De Giusti you could read below (see first comment). We just have to wait until this concept turns into life.

Creative Chopper Concepts from Solif

We present our few works of Russian designer Mikhail Smolyanov aka Solif. The following unusual concepts of motorcycles were created by the author in 3D max. Very creative and fresh concept that looks like a retro bike – AXP 3. Design is an amazing mix of echoes of the mid-20 th century and some parts obviously from latest technology. All works are unusual and interesting and worthy of the attention of wider audience.