Insane Hubless Motorcycle With Airplane Engine

The TMC DUMONT is a concept art bike built and designed by Tarso Marques who describes it as a ‘hubless motorcycle with an airplane engine’. TMC DUMONT is equipped with a 300 hp Rolls-Royce Continental V6 engine from a 1960s aircraft and fully leaked 36 inch wheels. I have no idea if it can actually turn and riders should be cautious as that back wheel is frighteningly close! It’s impractical, it’s ambitious, and I think it’s awesome to see a crazy concept brought to life and actually ridden. Keep going for a video of the the thing in action, as well as a timelapse of it being constructed while I speculate if this thing is capable of turning at all. And don’t forget to check world’s fastest bikes.

Japan Design: Way of the Samurai Embodied In Motorbike

Take a look at the stunning piece of design from Artem Smirnov and Vladimir Panchenko. The Motorbike From Great Japan takes its aesthetic inspiration from the unique Japanese design spirit and elements of origami and the Samurai way of life. “The Japanese approach to design has always been original, which is the foundation of culture with its art of origami and the samurai spirit. The simplicity and sense of space, and today are recognized in the industrial design of the Japanese brands. But for some reason, this approach is now rarely used in the design of Japanese cars and motorcycles. It felt the impact of the European brands that impose their rules of the game, when an inexperienced user can not tell the Japanese product from the European. It’s time to go back to the roots and make Japan great again!”

Custom BMW Motorcycle With Camouflage Detailing

Motorcycle builders Diamond Atelier and clothing brand K1X team up to create a custom BMW “R nineT” with a long-hanging frame and aggressive features. The finished café racer includes an 1180cc two cylinder boxer engine, that outputs 115 hp and is accompanied by a new suspension system to handle the power. Dubbed the ‘DA#4’, the bike includes a hand-built header and intake system matched with a grand prix exhaust muffler. The German mechanics also reworked the frame, fusing a hand-stitched seat, a bespoke aluminum gas tank and tailpiece, and the CNC machined alternator cover. Together with the glossy superblack paint finish, the Munich collaboration is sure to turn heads when it hits the streets.

2016 Ducati Diavel Carbon Revealed

Ducati‘s latest version of the “Diavel Carbon” is now more assertive than ever thanks to all-new graphics and several technical-aesthetic features. The “Diavel Carbon” has the latest generation “testastretta” engine with ABS and traction control. The bike is equipped with ducati’s specifically programmed riding modes that guarantee exciting agility, but also a safe riding experience. Its 162 hp and weight of just 205 kg, together with its exclusive design, make the bike a comfortable and sporty lifestyle motorcycle. The grey color balances the visible carbon, the red stripes and the dark chrome paintwork on the frame. The exclusive forged wheels with exposed machined finish enhances the muscular design of the ducati “Diavel Carbon”. Other fresh features include the exhaust manifolds with ceramic coating, brushed stainless steel silencer covers and a totally redesigned set with an exclusive trim.

Confederate G2 P51 Combat Fighter

The Alabama-based bike makers Confederate Motorcycles have recently formalized the release of their new monstrous streetfighter, the G2 P51 Combat Fighter. This head turning 2-wheeler is constructed entirely out of 6061 aerospace billet aluminum, and packs a mean punch to match its aggressive aesthetics. Powering the chopper is a big-block, air-cooled V-twin engine that’s good for over 200 horsepower, along with 170 lb-ft of torque. The bike has also been outfitted with a 5-speed overdrive and straight cut transmission. Each one sits on lightweight carbon fiber wheels wrapped in road-gripping Pirelli tires. The brand will be producing a total of 30 black and 31 raw machined billet aluminum, for a total of 61 bikes – all carrying a price tag of $120,000.

Lane Splitter Concept Car Transforms Into Two Motorbikes

Writer Mark Wilson at Fast Company came up with the idea of an electric car that splits into “two badass motorcycles” as he loved the idea of owning both in one vehicle. The two segments fasten together at the bottom with special attachments, which can be released at the push of a button. When the vehicle is functioning as a car the front wheels are kept close to the vehicle, but when the sides split into motorcycles the front wheels extend to give the bikes more stability. The wheels can also tilt sideways to the segments can be ridden as bikes. According to Wilson, the idea behind this car is to offer the social experience of a car while also featuring a personal urban transport vehicle that is sporty. It measures in at a length of 128 inches and resembles a buggy like vehicle. It has been inspired from Batman Tumbler and work by Syd Mead. It transforms into two motorbikes that are closed-top when it splits. After argodesign did their bit, Mark took the concept to the New York Auto Show to propose the idea to car firm.