Multifunctional Arm Chair flOP

Elena Sidorova, designer from Moscow, Russia, has multifunctional arm chair called flOP. “Flop is an armchair which folds out to a sleeping place for 1 person. It has construction made of veneer and upholstery made of 100% sheep wool material. The sleeping place has elastic straps as a base. Matras and pillow storage is inside.” Due to its dual function, this is the one product that is most suitable for houses that have visitor’s frequently and more numbers. This is an amazing dual purpose product.

Multifunctional “Mister T” by Antoine Lesur

Multifunctional furniture become more and more popular and the following example is for sure worth for your attention. “Mister T” was created by Paris-based designer Antoine Lesur for French firm Oxyo. Oxyo claims that it “edits objects for the modern lifestyle” and this item is a part of its first collection. As you could see “Mister T” isn’t just one thing. Consisting of a basket, a tray and two cushions it carries many functions and can serve as a low table, a tray, a seat, a footrest. Stylish and functional all-in-one furniture piece. Hope it will be available for purchase soon!