A Breathtaking 40 Day Trip Through New Zealand

German photographer Florian Wenzel presents amazing visual information about his 40-day journey through the beautiful landscape of New Zealand. Wenzel, who worked with clients such as Canon and Parajumpers, perfectly captures the wild beauty of this amazing country. From the mountains with rainbow peaks to the boats crossing the calm waters, the photo of Wenzel’s journey successfully takes us to another world. Similar feelings you will get by watching Patagonia Dreaming – Wild Beauty on Photos of Andy Lee.

Tent Inspired House In The Forest Of New Zealand

Architect Chris Tate has designed this simple tent-like cabin that’s surrounded by trees and located on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. Wanting to capture the back-to-basics simplicity of camping, Chris designed the Tent House with two levels that feature a main floor with the living, dining, kitchen and bathroom, and a top floor with the bedroom. Large windows on one end of the small house as well as smaller ones on the side of the building provide plenty of sunlight, while the white interior helps to reflect the light and is a strong contrast to the black exterior. The only black on the interior of the space is in the kitchen and the bathroom door. The kitchen has been designed to perfectly fit the triangular shape of the space, with the angles accentuated by the strong contrasting lines of the cabinetry. Separating the living area from the kitchen is a spiral staircase leading to the bedroom. The bedroom which has a view of the treetops, also has draped curtains, much like the entryway to a tent. At night, the interior of the cabin is lit up like a lantern.

Hillside Holiday Glass Homes in New Zealand

Made entirely from glass, including the floors, walls, and ceiling, these small off the grid  PurePods offer visitors to New Zealand an experience unlike any other. There are three locations, with each pod siting out in the open on land situated an hour or two from Christchurch , they’re completely secluded from the rest of the rest of civilization and let guests connect with nature in a way they’ve never been able to before. To get to your PurePod, you take a short hike to your private oasis and are left to your own devices for the remainder of your stay. Despite their off-the-grid nature, these pods provide a luxurious stay and include all of the amenities you would find in a normal hotel room. There’s a small kitchen and dining area for cooking and eating, as well as games and reference books to help keep you entertained when you aren’t exploring. There’s a bedroom with crisp linens and a comfortable bed, with three sides of the room surrounded by glass. In the bathroom, there’s a flush toilet and a shower with amazing views of the valley. Once the sun has tucked behind the mountains for the night, it’s time to get into bed to see the stars in a way you’ve never seen them before. The glass ceiling and lack of light pollution mean you’ll get to experience the cosmos in all of their glory, twinkling, shining, and shooting all night long. During the day, 360 degree views of the breathtaking landscape surrounding the pods, and the complete isolation from the rest of the world helps you feel like you’ve really escaped from every day life. No phone service, no roads, and no people mean you can enjoy nature and the company of of whoever you bring with you to the fullest.

Hidden Residence On The Shores Of The New Zealand

Tucked away on the shores of the New Zealand coastline, is this beachside house, designed by Patterson Associates. The house is nestled into the Banks Peninsula, hidden among the hills, with it’s own little private beach and cove to enjoy. The cottage has been built using local materials, like the rock that was quarried near its site. There is also on-site water harvesting and wastewater treatment. Large floor-to-ceiling windows provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy the natural surroundings all day long. The holiday home, which can be rented, has just three rooms, a lobby, a living/sleeping area and a bathroom.