Elegant Lyubkka by Nuvist

Lyubkka seating from Nuvist represents a dialog between the traditional usage and the fluid contemporary language with simple continuous lines and touches. Ergonomic and endless loop lines are blended in a continuous organic three dimensional surface. Thin lines and solid volumes blend in a sophisticated form, interesting to observe from more than one perspective. The seating unit was especially envisioned for indoor spaces with a distinct personality (its light reflecting feature can do wonders in a minimalist apartment). The project is available in a variety of colors, making it easily adaptable to various contemporary schemes.

Artistic Volna Table by Nüvist

This sculptural and artistic Volna Table was created by Turkish design firm Nüvist. “It was very important to create soft and serene experience in the tangible and the visual sense for this type of table design. The new technologies and the modern materials were the main ingredients for the creation and these provide us to design an unbroken continious form. In this way, Volna Table has met both the functionality and a unique elegance look and it has been shaped like a wave and features an incessant flow.” Take a look!