Black Desert House by Oller & Pejic Architecture

Do you remember beautiful desert villa that we’ve shown you some time ago? What about another one but this time black? Oller & Pejic Architecture have designed the Black Desert House located in Yucca Valley, California. “Our client had given us a brief but compelling instruction at the start of the process- to build a house like a shadow. This had a very specific relevance to the desert area where the sunlight is often so bright that the eye’s only resting place is the shadows. The house would be located on a precipice with almost 360 degree views to the horizon and a large boulder blocking views back to the road. The rooms are arranged in a linear sequence from living room to bedrooms with the kitchen and dining in the middle, all wrapping around a inner courtyard which adds a crucial intermediate space in the entry sequence and a protected exterior space in the harsh climate. The dark color of the house interior adds to the primordial cave-like feeling. During the day, the interior of the house recedes and the views are more pronounced. At night the house completely dematerializes and the muted lighting and stars outside blend to form an infinite backdrop for contemplation.”