Innovative Wall-Mountable Microwave Oven

Innovative, creative and rethinking the spatial limitations of the current boxy microwave – Wall-Mountable Microwave Oven by Choi Yousong. This is a brilliant design, especially if the wall-mount is strong enough to take the weight of heavy dishes. When not in use, the microwave is compact and flushed to the wall. When you need to heat a dish, you simply pull down the tray, slide up the door and place your dish in the oven. After you’re done using the microwave, the unit retracts back into the wall.The detailing in design is impeccable, for example, careful consideration is given to the corners a traditional oven, which is rectangular and since the rotating tray is circular, the outer frame has unusable, extra space. This has been eliminated in the redesign, and hence the new semi-circular design. Some of the parts are detachable and thus can be removed to be cleaned properly.

Portable Pizza Oven Cooks A Pizza In Two Minutes

When Finnish-born Kristian Tapaninaho decided to make pizza at his London home, he had a problem…his domestic oven couldn’t achieve the authentic wood-fired taste Kristian desired. His solution was to design a portable pizza oven made from brushed stainless steel, that heats up to 840°F (450°C) by burning 100% oak wood pellets. Within 10 minutes of lighting, you can cook a pizza in less than 2 minutes.