Clever and Realistic-Looking Packaging for Nuts and Dried Fruits

Backbone Branding designed this clever and realistic-looking packaging for Pchak, a line of specialty nuts and dried fruits. “Pchak is one of those projects where the idea just stroked us and it had to be implemented in reality. While creating Pchak we didn’t want to go far from the original idea by including additional design elements. We used the same approach for naming ‘Pchak’ which is the Armenian equivalent of ‘tree hollow’. Pure nature now found its place in our urban daily life. With Pchak’s packaging you can enjoy the harvested nut supplies and dried fruits not only during winter but all year long.”

Modern Wine Inspired By a Mechanical Background

Check out the branding, packaging design, and wine marketing for Grape Garage 32a by Magnetic Stories – a design bureau based in Karlsruhe & Edesheim, Germany. “In 1957, his grandfather was one of the first people to bottle wine in Schweigen in the Palatinate region. Just like his grandpa, Alexander Grimm is no cliché winemaker. He is self-taught and learns from his experiences. In addition, he is an industrial mechanic. He started in 2014 and is now producing his third vintage. You can look forward to the surprises to be found in his bottles. Oliver Semik & Lutz Suendermann developed the brandname, branding and designed the lables for the five very impressive newcomer wines (from Riesling to Grauburgunder). The minimalist and stylish approach gives it a truly high-quality look that strongly resonates with modern wine drinkers.”

Karim Rashid Has Designed A New Sculptural Wine Bottle For Stratus Vineyards

David Feldberg, owner of Stratus Vineyards teamed up with New York based designer Karim Rashid, to create the sculptural Decant wine bottle. The goal of the project was to create an innovative bottle from the Stratus philosophy, ‘form followed by function’, which represents how the unfiltered Cabernet Franc wine is uniquely grown at Stratus Vineyards. From concept to completed design, the layered glass of the bottle creates a slip-resistant handle and serves as a decanter for the naturally forming sediment while visually stimulating the senses. The Decant bottle boasts a deconstructed design that was inspired by the layers of clay, granite and limestone, that are in the soil where the grapes for the wine are grown. Also, don’t forget to check Beautiful and Unique Bottles for Luxury Drinks and Top 10 Most Expensive Bottles of Wine in the World.

Creative Gift Packaging for Marais Piano Cake

Take a look at the gorgeous packaging for Piano cakes by Kazuaki Kawahara which got A’Design Award this year. “Usually, gift boxes simply line up all the cakes neatly. However, our boxes of individually wrapped cakes are different. We cut costs by focusing on only one design, and in making use of all six surfaces, we were able to recreate every type of keyboard. Using this design, we can create any keyboard size, from small keyboards, to full 88-key grand pianos, and even larger. For example, for one octave of 13 keys, we use 8 cakes. Two octaves, or 25 keys, would be 15 cakes. Three octaves, or 37 keys, would be 22 cakes. And an 88-key grand piano would be a gift box of 52 cakes. The inspiration for this design, the piano, is an instrument that creates beautiful harmonies from the combination of each individual key’s sound. You could say that society is a lot like this as well. Like the keys of a piano, where no two keys have the same sound, we all have our own individuality, and like the keys of a piano, we are all different colors and creeds, and yet we come together under the same desire for world peace and equality, the happiness of our lovers, friends, family, coworkers, and customers, and of all the people in the world, to create a beautiful harmony. We know that you will be giving this gift to someone important to you, and you want to give them something that was made with care. We’ve made each and every one of our gift boxes with our customers needs in mind. A beautiful harmony is like a unique crystal, which can only be made when each of the keys’ individual sounds come together. With each key of this gift box, your feelings are sure to be heard.”

Creative Packaging Design For SPYTAIL Black Ginger Rum

Unleash a little bit of your inner explorer with SPYTAIL Black Ginger Rum. This Caribbean-inspired rum from France honors those who have ventured to the depths of the ocean with some incredibly impressive packaging. BR Zoom, Biggar & Leith, Stoelzle Glass, and Albagrafica Labels collaborated to develop a bottle and box that take the consumer on an underwater journey in a submarine. “Biggar & Leith, an Independent Family owned Spirits Merchant, today announced the launch of SPYTAIL™ Black Ginger Rum – a super-premium rum, imported from France. SPYTAIL™ is based on a 19th Century French recipe of ageing Caribbean Rum with fresh ginger and spices in the barrel. The rum is distilled in the Caribbean and then aged, spiced and blended at a small family distillery in the Cognac region of France. SPYTAIL™ celebrates the French deep-sea pioneers and the submarines within which they plunged to terrifying new depths. France has a long tradition of pioneering the oceans in both fact and fiction – from the world’s first mechanical submarine (it was called ‘Le Plongeur’ and was tested on the Charente River near the SPYTAIL™ distillery) to Jules Verne’s ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ and of course Jacques Cousteau’s numerous exploits and innovations. Today, France continues to be a pioneering force in the exploration of the earth’s last undiscovered frontier.” Elwyn Gladstone, founder of Biggar & Leith, mentioned “The heritage of SPYTAIL™, stand out packaging, French craftsmanship and expert rum blending have resulted in an exceptional product that brings something very exciting and new to the burgeoning super-premium rum category. Also, we’re seeing that ginger is becoming a seriously popular flavor among cocktail consumers – Moscow Mules, Dark & Stormy and premium ginger beer are all booming and we think that a delicious Black Ginger Rum is going to fit right in. We can’t wait to get SPYTAIL™ out to thirsty drinkers and look forward to shipping it to ports around the world.”

Elegant Special Gift Set by 1 Trick Pony

In honor of this year’s Inauguration Day, 1 Trick Pony designed this special gift set to help get you through the day. These two special edition bottles come together to make up one image, complete with elegant details such as metallic foil and a branded label placed cleverly to the side. “As 1TP’s latest installment of The Alcoholidays – what better ‘holiday’ to celebrate with well-packaged booze than the upcoming Inauguration Day. We’re sending our clients a box with 2 bottles of pocket-sized rum to help them celebrate the day – or to just get through the day. They can choose what side of the aisle they prefer, or opt for going double-fisted. Left, right, bottom’s up or going down – this year we celebrate the Alcoholidays as one.”

Lovely Branding For CS Electric by Angelina Pischikova

To create this lovely branding for CS Electric, Belarus-based graphic designer Angelina Pischikova worked with illustrator Anna Orlovskaya. They took their inspiration from old physics books and their very detailed illustrations to build a new kind of electric insects. The result is both poetic and efficient, with a clear, minimalist use of white space and type.

Luxury Stranger No. 17 Eau de Stranger

Every year Stranger & Stranger puts together a holiday gift that never fails to impress. More than just pretty packaging, though, their 2015 holiday gift is an experience for all the senses. The box is a meeting point of traditional elements like a gold frame and an ivory statue and more contemporary ones like nearly neon hues and an Escher-like interior. The label for the fragrance is designed like a combination lock, listing out the exquisite notes like birchwood and moss. An old-fashioned perfume sprayer adds to the vintage feeling, almost like the gift is being unearthed, and the black and glistening gold feel like utter luxury.

Star Wars Coffee Cups

Just in time for the Star Wars revival, the Dark Brew is a coffee line for you Vader aficionados. Choose between the strong and black Darth Vader coffee cup, or the more light Trooper coffee cup. The brews also match, with their signature dark side blends. Designers are Spencer Davis & Scott Shenone.

Mortlach 75 Years Old Whisky: Modern Interpretation of Traditional Packaging

Edinburgh agency Contagious worked in close collaboration with client Gordon & MacPhail to create the decidedly modern interpretation of traditional whisky packaging which was recently launched at The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. According to Creative Director and MD of Contagious, Matt Chapman: “This incredible liquid spent 75 years maturing in darkness and our brief was to interpret the client’s product proposition of sharing, owning and drinking by packaging and presenting Mortlach 75 Years Old to be displayed, shared and enjoyed by a new generation, not hidden away in a box to gather dust. We took that ‘spirit of sharing’ as the big idea behind our creative strategy.” The agency’s starting point was the elegant teardrop shaped hand-blown crystal decanter that is the iconic feature of the Generations range of which Mortlach 75 is the newest release. Working with master craftsmen, Contagious introduced 75 ribbon-like channels, hand-cut into the crystal of each of the 100 decanters, which were then uniquely numbered. Marrying traditional craftsmanship with cutting edge technology, the team designed and commissioned a seductively tactile plinth which features 75 gently undulating ripples across its cool white surface (a subtle nod to Speyside’s soft water), to hold and display the decanter and two hand-cut crystal glasses. Each element was then packaged into a luxurious Aniline leather travel bag. James Hartigan, Senior Designer, explains: “This is a unique and luxurious weekend bag, perfect for the sophisticated traveller, it’s certainly not just a single-use presentation case. We wanted to create a package that’s designed to be unpacked for a whisky that’s meant to be drunk.

Intimate Care Product Packaging That Reacts To Human Touch

Russian product designer Neretin Stas has created an interactive packaging concept for a cosmetics and intimate care products brand. The containers reflect the character of what its used for, standing naked before the user, with a tender skin color and soft curves that resemble the human body and flesh. When touched, the packages will timidly glow right where the contact was generated, thanks to a thermochromic paint coating that makes it sensitive to heat, therefore reacting to human touch.

Heineken Limited Edition

Today we want to show you creative packaging design made for the brand Heineken by Budapest based designer kissmiklos. “Heineken made an exclusive tender, and invited 5 designers to design a unique, limited edition bottle for 5 popular clubs in Budapest. These bottles were presented as part of the Heineken Cities campaign at the Budapest Design Week. I worked on a bottle for Trafiq club.” Take a look!

Corus – Music For The Hearing Impaired

Corus is an interesting concept project by Apiwat (Peet) Anuntrachartwong which is a C-shaped vibrational collar that would sit around the hearing impaired person’s neck and deliver musical vibrations. The collar is a simple C shape and is very sleek and minimal. The entire brand identity and the packaging design for the product follows the product’s aesthetic of modern simplicity. ‘The name Corus comes from the mixing of the word ‘core’ and ‘chorus’. ‘Core’ represent the vibration that is the core of the sound, and ‘chorus’ is the part of the song structure, which is the refrain or a repeat of the catchy part of the song, represent the idea of the hearing impaired could ‘hear’ (feel) the music again like the chorus that comes back in the song.” The product name “Corus” is set in a smooth, round font with a tilde symbol above the letter “R.” The tilde symbol represents the connection between the language of music and the vibrational waves of sound. You will see the tilde icon being used as a key element throughout the product’s art direction, not just incorporated into the logo. Flaming bright red is the color of choice for this brand, always paired with white. Red is an emotionally intense color, it is associated with energy and excitement. Between the energy of red and the wave patterning of the tilde, you can almost “feel” the representation of this vibrational music.

Olive Oil by Gino’s Garden

Gino’s Garden Olive Oil is the finest quality of olive oil that can be produced. What makes this olive oil so special is the short window of time (only 6 hours) in which the olives are first hand-picked from Gino Haddad’s grove and then cold pressed. Each year only a limited quantity of the olive oil is produced, and with a product this special it was a natural evolution to design a custom bottle that would reflect that. The following packaging design was created by Marios Karystios.

Deadly Delicious Killexir

“Death can now be deliciously beautiful.” Troy Sitosta‘s concept for Killexir was born out of the idea of creating products that would never realistically be made. Cherry soda-flavored poison for human consumption definitely falls into this category. “Killexier lets you send that special someone your death wishes in a nice package to let them know that they are the poison in your life. For personal use, if you think life is too much then Killexir can also be a part of your last meal with your last drink in this world.” Considering there currently exist so many real ways to commit violence against someone, this concept for a hand-blown glass skull filled with liquid death almost seems regal and respectful. The bottle is dark and delicate, a seemingly perfect glass that is difficult to obtain.

50 Reasons & 30 Wishes Wine

A wine that keeps you engaged and social! 50 Reasons & 30 Wishes gives you the opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine (or 2, or 3) and let’s you share the fun by sending a custom message in a bottle to your friends, family or anyone that enjoys a glass of wine! “Let’s just imagine a wine bottle that gives you many reasons to buy it and share it with the people you like and for the reason you want. Choose a good reason to share a fine bottle of organic wine! And send a message in a bottle to friends, to your boss or even the president! We proudly present 50 Reasons & 30 Wishes, the first customizable wine bottles that encourage you to share a bottle of good wine with a personal message. Because the best way to congratulate someone is with a bottle of good wine! So, customize and enjoy!”

The Fruits Toilet Paper

Creative roll of toilet paper designed to look like a fresh fruits. “The Fruits Toilet Paper” designed by Japanese studio Latona Marketing Inc. to wow customers with its cute style. There are 4 designs to choose from: Kiwi, Strawberry, Watermelon, and Orange. Have fun!

Trident Gum: Packaging Concept

Visual designer Hani Douaji has created repackaging for Trident Xtra Care which is chewing sugar-free gum. The new packaging is a playful and interactive design that enhance the idea of protecting teeth. “I created a new playful and interactive packaging which enhance the main feature of the product “Protecting Teeth”. A range of Six packs that represent three flavors, each pack has an illustration of a mouth with either mustache or lips. The chewing gum look like teeth through the mouth die-cut window. The Blister chewing gums is designed to look like a set of bright teeth on pink gums.” Take a look!

Gourmet Box ED3N Packaging Design

“ED3N” is a particular 3 item gift set by student, Adrien Duchateau, of Belgium. “Eden is the name of my gourmet box. I used the Bodoni font for the logo but I reversed the 2nd E to remind the number 3 which is the number of my products. The fact of having 3 products is not random, as the number 3 is considered the perfect and sacred number, it perfectly matches with the name “Eden” meaning Paradise. Other than Paradise, Eden also reminds us of the origin of everything, a beautiful garden where the forbidden fruit was growing. I thought it might be a good name/concept for a gourmet box. For the design I decided to do something authentic and modern at same time and gave to it a quite mystical and peaceful aspect. I used engravings to remind that these products come from an ancient time but are still “in” and to show it I contrasted it with a modern packaging design. Plus, once you finished the products, the box can be keeped for any other usage. It will not be thrown in the trash and it will make a good publicity in the houses. It has a real second life !”

Bright and Positive Sangria Lolea Packaging Design

Combine the love of sangría with the outdoors and the result is a perfect picnic-styles bottles of  Sangria Lolea. Pick white and red colors, add a full coverage pois pattern, and in these beautiful bottles you find everything you will need for a picnic. The special touch? A blanket, Lolea flag banner and branded deckchairs! “Lolea is a ready-made cocktail, ready to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. But you will enjoy Lolea best when you drink it outdoors and in good company! There are lots of Lolea moments in a day. Its moderate alcohol content, frizzante style and refreshing fruit flavor makes Lolea the perfect aperitif to be served before lunch, or at lunch, or in the afternoon… and of course for social evenings. Lolea is shared with friends, with family and always brings joy and celebration!” The author of this elegant packaging is Estudio Versus.