Dome Lamp by Benedetta Tagliabue for Bover

Intricately assembled from hundreds of wood fragments, designed by Benedetta Tragliabue, the Bover Dome LED Pendant is an extravagant display of natural materials met with powerful LED technology. Star bursts and Fibonacci sequence patterns unfurl from the central column of the shade, gradually forming a dome silhouette with remarkable lighting effects. The LED module is housed in a compact metal cylinder that matches the canopy, and hovers slightly above the handcrafted shade – suspended separately but together. Depending on the height from the ceiling to the floor, shadows can be exaggerated or focused below, fulfilling artistic and functional roles for a space. The Bover collection, made in Barcelona, is inspired by the light playing within the sky and sea. Balancing quality and form resulting in a non-temporal style capable of adapting comfortably to future times. Bover’s products range from ceiling lights, pendants, and wall sconces to floor and table lamps.

Ceramic SpongeUP Lamps by POTT

These beautiful ceramic SpongeUP lamps were designed by Spanish designers Miguel Angel García Belmonte of POTT – The Pottery Project. “There is a new light. No dazzles, No marks. Not even corpuscles or lumens. It is a warm and porous light, coming from the hand made pottery piece skin. Sponge consists on a clay sphere where the light slips through, thus becomes more than a lamp, as an unusual clay piece with an unique design that achieves a very particular look along its uneven surface.”

Le Nuage by Wout Wessemius

Netherlands-based Wout Wessemius designed handmade light that resembles a cloud. Le Nuage is made from polyester wadding, each light is one of a kind with its own unique shape. The energy-saving bulbs create both ambient and functional light. A plastic shell that diffuses light and creates variegated colors surrounds the light bulb to give the illusion that the sun is shining through the clouds. Take a look!

Playful Lolita Lamps by Moooi

The following beautiful Lolita lamps by Moooi are availiable in the Lolita Pendant, the Lolita Table Lamp and the Lolita Floor Lamp designs and a huge range of colors to allow you to easily bring playful edge to your home. Designer Nika Zupanc herself says, “My imagination chases female archetypes intentionally. Frivolous, even naive objects are my favorite victims. And when, during such a process, I manage to be creative in an evidently reserved way, I then touch the purest meaning of my work and frivolity becomes timeless elegance. Lolita is here to play with your emotions. She is here to break your everyday routine.”

Kinema Pendant Luminaire by Stuart Fingerhut

This extraordinary lamp called Kinema Pendant Luminaire is a creation of American designer Stuart Fingerhut. It’s uniquness is in its ability to give the user control of the light’s character to match the mood or the environment. Each of the pendant’s rings can be individually flipped to create dramatic light and shadow effects, as a single object or in multiples. Relatively simple idea but thanks to excellent executed design the lamp looks amazing.

Paper Moonjelly Lamps by Limpalux

On the pages of Beautiful Life you could easily find a lot of different lamps including pedant lamps but this one is more than ordinary pedant lamp. The Moonjelly by Limpalux is sculptural light object with organic structures. It consists of paper slats forming a softly shining corpus. The lamellar body enwraps the light source and allows the light to flow down. Depending on the angle of the penetrating daylight and the air movements in the room the form and colouring of the lamp will change and turn it into an animated, gently re-swinging sculpture.

Medusae Pendant Lamps by Roxy Towry-Russell

Let us show you stunning collection of unusual lamps in the form of medusas created by talanted designer from Pasadena Roxy Towry-Russell. These air, tender and extremely beautiful lamps will force interior of your home looks like undersea world. This collection is even called Medusae Pendant Lamps. So if you like ocean and you’ll enjoy it!