Peaceful Jewelry by Impact Accessories

Design group Impact Accessories provides new peaceful life to the old military ammunition. Designers offer to send them used bullet and they will turn them into original hand crafted jewelry: earrings, pedants, rings. To create such “combat” jewelry designer cuts the bullet to allow them to become part of the composition. You can order a small cross made of brass or from precious metals with precious stones. Creative recycling! Don’t you think?

Elsa Peretti Bottle Pendants for Tiffany & Co

This summer Tiffany & Co. represents new collection of bottle-shaped pedants by Elsa Peretti. Decorated with precious metals and gemstones these beautiful sterling bottles will be a perfect place for a message or a tiny flower. "Inspired by her visits to Italy in the 1960s, Elsa says the necklaces bring to mind the beautiful women she saw there, each with a gardenia in their hand. She wished to create a vessel that would keep the flower alive and sketched a design based on beautiful antique bottles."

Jeanne d’Arc by Miriam Josi
Medieval Inspired Jewelry Collection

Swiss designer Miriam Josi has created these cool jewelry for Mimi Vert brand. Her designs take the sentiment of medieval inspired shapes into a clean contemporary form. The collection is called Jeanne d’Arc. The basic elements of collection are coat of arms, crown and lily. Golden and silver jewelry can be worn as rings or as pendants on chains.

Unique Jewelry Collection by Nous Sommes

Paris based designers Kizda and Jeremy, well known as jewelry brand Nous Sommes (We Are), has released unique jewelry collection of pedants. Its uniqueness is in the fact that all pedants are in the form of some of the fashion and music world’s most celebrated personalities. Among them you could easily recognize Terry Richardson, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Jones, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and Karl Lagerfeld. And as you can see on photos father of Chanel had already liked the pedant from this collection.

Luxury Jewelry for DJs

Today we want to show you extremely stylish jewelry collection for Djs and all people who like music. Company Darkcloud Silver was founded in 2005 by Sydney based artist Nathan Thomas. Luxury jewelry created by Darkcloud Silver is inspired by music, hip hop and urban culture. This handmade collection consist of rings and pedants in the form of urban music symbols, even including spray can. Due to the fact that all jewelry is created from silver, gold and platinum they cost from $300 to $750. Darkcloud Silver jewellery is a luxury jewelry for individuals! Make your style more unique with these luxury watches.

Surprisingly Stylish Jewerly from Naye Quiros

On the pages of our blog we try to show you not only unusual, but surprisingly stylish things. For example, these jewerly created by designer Naye Quiros. Naye Quiros was born in Mexico, she studied industrial design in Milan, and now she lives in Buenos Aires. And in her artworks she combines a surprising spirit of the Latin America and European sensibility. Simple and even a bit rough these jewerly just attract the eye!