Dark Photo Manipulations by skip_closer

Today we want to share with you amazing photo manipulations by artist skip_closer. They’re slightly dark but perfectly done. And they will surely create a certain mood while viewing. So, take a deep breath and check these art works! And don’t forget to check other examples of beautiful photo manipulations: Amazing Photo Manipulations by Dmitriy Rogozhkin or Photo Manipulations by Sarolta Bán.

Dreamy Space Arts by Duks Visuals

Bulgaria-based artist Simeon Dukov create visual appealing art and twisted photo manipulations. “I’ve always been fascinated with art and everything that is appealing for the eyes. As a kid I always had really big imagination and I visualized some parallel worlds where everything was different. Now I am mixing reality with my imagination so I can create all these photo manipulations. Now I am mixing reality with my imagination so I can create all these photo manipulations.” Beautiful! Also we recommend you to check our recent post Long Exposure Photo Made With Drone Lighting Up Mountain Landscapes.

Beautiful Woman Photos by Rosie Hardy

Manchester, UK-based artist Rosie Hardy is only 23 years old, but she’s become one of the very impressive photographers especially one of Flickr community. Though she took up photography just to get a fairly My Space image to make the man she had a crush on her, soon she found it rather adventurous and maintained on exploring to develop her abilities. She states “Let inspiration inspire you and take every opportunity.” Since we last shared her works – Beautiful Photos by Rosie Hardy – the young photographer has enjoyed greater popularity and recognition because of her skill. Also don’t forget to check Beautiful Art Photos by Marina Stenko.

Tullius Heuer, Bringing Images To Life

Brazilian digital artist-illustrator Tullius Heuer blends simulated pencil art with photography to create dramatic 3D-esque masterpieces. Self-taught artist combines his pencil art simulations with photo manipulations in Photoshop and the results are absolutely magical. Each digital painting is a work of his own realities with surrealistic touches, taking his artwork to whole new level. Check out some of our favorite designs from Heuer.

Surrealist Dreamy Scenes by Luisa Azevedo

Take a look at wonderful photo manipulations by Luisa Azevedo , a driven and talented teen living near a quiet sea side in Portugal. Luisa is still a student of multimedia art, but her work has already been making rounds on the Internet. He creative composition mix objects to create dreamy, surrealist scenes. “I hate when I don’t have enough time to take photographs or when I don’t feel inspired. Sometimes I feel disappointed with myself when I realize I could do much better.” If you want to see new art works created by Luisa – follow her Instagram.

Surrealistic Photomanipulations by Nancy Fouts

Till today you’ve probably seen a lot of interesting photo manipoulations created by different artists. The following collection also worthy for your attention. British artist and photographer Nancy Fouts creates surrealistic compositions, combining really unexpected things. Take a look!

Fantastic Landscapes by Kokoszkaa

This time we represent to your attention beautiful photo manipulations by Polish artist Barbara Florczyk aka Kokoszkaa. Barbara creates stunning and slightly dramatic landscapes based on her own photographies. If you like such art then you will like another art works such as Awesome Photo Manipulations by Cindy Grundsten or Stunning Photo Manipulations of Kassandra. Take a look!

Animal Haircuts for Braun

This series of images was created by Bulgarian graphic designer and master photo manipulator Mladen Penev. Cat, bird, squirrel and monkey are captured sporting unusual hairdos such as a mohawk, designs shaved into fur, and even a Fu Manchu mustache. Agency Staudinger + Franke commissioned the work of these “animal haircuts” which were appropriately used for promoting the electrical shaving and grooming appliances produced by German brand, Braun. These animals won’t use laser hair removal for sure…

Amazing Photo Manipulations by Sarolta Bán

Sarolta Bán is 29 years old photographer from Budapest, Hungary. Usually Sarolta makes different manipulations with her art works from several hours to several days using up to 100 different layers for each image. "Originally I’m a jewellery designer, later I discovered digital photo manipulation and it became my passion and main activity. I like using ordinary elements and by combining them, I can give them various stories, personalities. I hope that the meanings of my pictures are never too limited, are open in some way, each viewer can transform them into a personal aspect." Have fun!

Surreal Art of Leo Patzelt

These stunning photo manipulations are created by talanted artist Leo Patzelt. All art works were created using Photoshop and under the influence of surrealism and his favorite painters Salvador Dali and Rembrandt. Want to note that influence of Dali is quite noticable. Many of these art works were created while participating in competitions in battles on psd-tutorials.de. Take a look and have fun!

Dark and Gloomy Photo Manipulations by Alcove

Featured below art work were created by talented artists from Poland under the nickname Alcov. Reviewing these slightly gloomy art works you catch yourself thinking that you’re expecting something dark! Alcov perfectly conveyed emotions! And it says about his talant… Don’t forget to check this huge collection of HD Wallpapers if you want to decorate your desktop with something special.

Digital Swirly Generation

Alberto Seveso is a talented illustrator and graphic designer for Rome, Italy. His amazing works are an exellent example of photo manipulation. Various swirls connects with photos of people in bizarre combinations. Great source for inspiration. Enjoy!