Vix Muniz’s Photography of Photography

Talented artist Vix Muniz lives and works in New York City and Rio de Janeiro. Muniz is best known for recreating famous imagery from art history and pop culture with unexpected, everyday objects, and photographing them. Each work is a photograph taken of an arrangement of hundreds of other photographs that represent a photograph. Muniz says that when he takes photographs, he intuitively searches for "a vantage point that would make the picture identical to the ones in my head before I’d made the works", so that his photographs match those mental images.

Beautiful Art Photos by Marina Stenko

This weekend we want to make your day brighter with colorful and stylish photos by Ukrainian photographer Marina Stenko. Gentle and creative photos will carry you away into the world of beautiful girls, misty nature and flowers. Take a look! Hope you will like them!

Stunning Art Photos by Cuba Gallery

Let us show you amazing and very positive photos by Cuba Gallery from New Zealand. “We are design and photographic enthusiasts who love to bring stunning imagery out into the open.” It’s hard to say what exactly draws the attention: unusual angles, exceptional performance or strong sense of three-dimensionality. But every photo is wonderful and unique!

Extremely Cute Photos from Eibo

We decided to make your day more positive and represent you cute photographs of Saudi architect and a photographer Ibrahim M. Al Sayed, a.k.a Eibo. His most favorite type of photography is macro but since he isn’t limited with this only type you can also see amazing shots of many other categories. From his most popular photos we’ve selected only funny shots with animals and we believe that you will like them. Enjoy!

Inspirational Photos by Egon Gade

This collection consist of art works of Danish photographer Egon Gade who’s working for advertising agencies and design studios around all the scandivanian countries. Among list of his client you could find such names as Bang and Olufsen, Fritz Hansen and Malene Birger. Creative, unusual and definetely daring photos are worthy for your attention. So don’t hesitate and jump into the post!

Sport Photoshoot from Tim Tadder

Interesting idea, great talent and 6 hours under water. This is all you need to create such photos. And this is how it was created by photographer from United States Tim Tadder. It was "one of the hardest and most fruitful shoots yet" for Tim. Hope such talent will allow him to create more such creative photoshoots.