LYFE: Zero-Gravity Growing System

Lyfe is a small planter engineered to float a 12-sided geodesic silicone planter above a wooden base as a “zero-gravity growing system”. Similar to the magical Hoshinchu Air Bonsai with an electromagnetic base previously devised by the Swedish company, Lyfe is designed to allow plants to float and rotate for even sunlight exposure throughout the day. But let’s be honest, all this talk is secondary to the pleasure of enjoying a floating indoor garden gently rotating at your desk, a subtle technological feat of electromagnetism. Designed specifically with air plants in mind – because of their ability to grow without soil – the planter hides a small drainage system to prevent overwatering.

Miniature Tree Houses for Houseplants

Artist Jedediah Corwyn Voltz constructs miniature tree houses nestled in and around potted plants and bonsai. The tiny buildings, which range from stylish lofts to minimalist studios, have similar features to their full-sized counterparts, and Voltz has outfitted them with decorative rugs, art objects, and wooden furniture. Some even have minuscule houseplants lining their porches! This incredible attention to detail brings these playful spaces to life, and it’s easy to imagine that they’re inhabited by pint-sized residents. To produce the sculptures, Voltz draws from his decade-long experience as a commercial prop maker for movies. As a result, everything is meticulously handcrafted by the artist, with materials like silk and wood cobbled together into fully-realized structures.

“Air Bonsai” – Floating Bonsai Trees

Japanese designers at The Hoshinchu Team, have created a bonsai named “Air Bonsai”, that appears to magically float above its base. Made from a handcrafted Japanese porcelain, the base or bottom half is “energy base”, with the floating ball being the top half or “little star.” The do-it-yourself kit, allows you to transplant your favorite plant onto the “little star”, and then you simply place it above the “energy base”. Both halves of the Air Bonsai, have magnets installed within the design, that allow the top half to float and spin without being tethered to the base.

Unique Wall Art Using Plants and Moss

Creating graffiti art from moss is quite popular nowadays. But today we want to show you something different. Art We Heart makes unique wall art using plants and moss. From trendy symbols like @ and # to cities like LA and NY, each piece is hand made in Los Angeles, turning plants into a new form of wall art. They even do custom orders.

CELLA for House Moss and Small Plants

Landscape design company ecoid have created CELLA, a product designed to house moss and other small plants. “Cella is a new, creative product designed to bring urban people closer to nature. It is specially constructed of flexible, lightweight plastic to house moss and small plants. Cella creates a microclimate that allows them to thrive both indoors and outdoors. Cella is uniquely adaptable in that it can be attached to walls and roofs, or simply stand alone. This portable, self-contained habitat comes in different sizes and can be linked with other units. Cella’s unique ability to create the optimal microclimate for moss and plug plants make it adaptable to all kinds of environments. The small, organic form of the units make efficient use of space to fit a garden in an urban home or apartment, and can be installed on any surface. There are no limits to your landscaping visions – grow a traditional garden on the floor, or have it climb up the walls and hang from the ceiling.”

Miniature Planters “Ienami” by Metaphys

If you’re passionate gardener and your home is full of different plants or if you simple like creative interior ideas then you will love this set of miniature planters. Created by Japanese design company Metaphys and called “Ienami” these contemporary micro homes look good with delicate plants like soft mosses and small succulents. There are four variations created – Alley, Plaza, Tunnel and Zig Zag. These little collectibles can be put together to form a little neighborhood of plants. Take a look!

GreenLantern by nudelab

Recently we’ve shown you interesting combination of vase and sculpture – Original WIG Vase by Tania da Cruz. This time we represent you lamp called “GreenLantern” by nudelab – creative combination of LED lamp and a planter. “The lamp extends as an organic horn-like shape with a flower pot at its base. The “horn” is lined with an energy-efficient strip of LED lights. The low-energy bulbs emit a warm luminous glow that supports the photosynthesis process of the accompanying plant, creating a direct relationship between the lamp and host plant.”

Ceramic Hanging Air Plant Pods
by Michael McDowell

These ceramic plant pods were designed by american designer Michael McDowell specifically for air plants (Tillandsia) after discovering that tillandsias will not survive in standing water and if water pools in their leaves it can harm them. Made out from a gorgeous natural buff colored stoneware clay covered in an exquisite silky matte white glaze. Unusual, stylish and definetely beautiful air plant pods!