Under the Surface Ceramics by Beccy Ridsdel

“Under the Surface” ceramics created by artist Beccy Ridsdel play on the metaphor of craft as surgery. In the installation, surgical tools such as clamps and scalpels seemingly peel back the “skin” of plates and mugs, exposing bright floral insides. The pieces mirror the intricacy of the human body while crossing the disciplines of art and medicine. Beautiful and unusual collection!

Spectacular “Space Bowls” by Sebastian Errazuriz

New York-based Chilean artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz made planets closer and smaller than you think. His spectacular series "Space Bowls" features Earth, Moon and Sun. Small scale food plates with photographic planetary prints of the Sun, Moon and Earth. Made in partnership with Kikkerland, these designs for the dining table are a cool backdrop for sci-fi inspired lomographs. Fantastic art work! If you want to buy these bowls you can do it here fo $25.

Creative Plates by Boguslaw Sliwinski

These creative plates with a transportation theme were created by craftsman from Poland Boguslaw Sliwinski. These plates feature various modes of shipping transportation on which one can arrange food to look as though they are being transported. This series of ceramic plates was created under the name of “Transportation Plates”. Take a look at this hybrid of art, creativity and food!

Silhoutte Wall Plate Collection by Andrew Tanner

These beautiful decorative wall plates allow to the background of the wall become part of the art. Made in England using fine bone china and pierced with images these wall plates are part of Silhoutte Wall Plate Collection by Andrew Tanner. “My grandmother had a wallplate that we all thought was priceless. It adorned her wall and as children we had to walk slowly by the priceless artefact. After she passsed away the plate was taken down and was actually just a bog standard plate. I wanted to create something which was for decoration only. When you place the plate on a wall or in a stand, the background of your walls bring the plates alive with the cut out design”. Take a look!