“Fat no more” by Geometry Global

Creative designers from Moscow office of advertising agency Geometry Global Andrew Ushakov and Virgiliu Andone invented and implemented advertising campaign “Fat no more” by using images of super-powerful animals. With analogy with the dish detergent a series of three prints shows a pig, goose and salmon in the body of which there are not a drop of oil. Take a look!

Hope Super Push Up: Right and Left Together

The main goal of the advertising campaign is to be catchy. If people remember the print ads they will remeber the company for sure. One of the best way to be catchy is to bring lots of fun. And today’s print ad by Hope, a push-up brand, brings fun. Their slogan for this advertising campaign is “Right and Left together”. And the creators of this campaign advertising agency Giovanni+Draftfcb from Brazil in funny way shows world leaders like Bush, Castro, Chavez etc. See the prints below and have a good laugh!

B&B Hotels Print Ads by Publicis

B&B Hotels has collaborated with German advertising agency Publicis and launched this incredibly amusing print campaign. The images promote bed and breakfast hotel. It seems like a perfect idea – to present bed in a shape of breakfast. Simple and funny, it captures the essence of the company in an original and stylish way. Have fun!