Breath Taking Sculptures by Mark Newman

If you’re our loyal reader you should remember our post Incredibly Realistic Sculptures by Adam Beane. Today we want to represent you another talanted artist Mark Newman and his breath taking sculptures. He is graduated of the Art Academy of San Francisco and have 14 years of professional sculpting. You have a chance to evaluate his talant. In our humble opinion his sculptures look better without paint. How do you think?

Beautiful Realistic Dolls by Alexandra Kokinova

Some time ago ago we’ve shown you Incredibly Realistic Sculptures by Adam Beane and this post became very popular among our visitors. So we want to continue this theme and today will show you extremely beautiful and realistic dolls created by Russian artist Alexandra Kokinova. Alexandra is a frequent guest and winner of various international dolls exhibitions. Her limited edition dolls are hand made from porcelain have height up to 60 sm. Gorgeous costumes are made from silk and decorated with natural fur, beads and subtle laces. All the detailes of the costumes from the last ribbon to the tiniest pearl on the dress are reproduced with amazing technical and artistic skill. Semi-precious and precious stones and antique knickknacks are often used as accessories. Each doll is the result of painstaking work and is absolutely unique. Hope you’ll like them!