Triangular Micro House by Felipe Campolina

The HT refuge by Felipe Campolina is a micro-habitat created as a cozy and affordable solution for those who enjoy a weekend escape from the city. Proposed as fast construction system, the 40 sq.m module uses prefabricated blocks combined with small sections of steel that shape the main structure in the form of a large truss. Its side facade is rotated 45 degrees from the floor, in a triangular shape, which ensures good stability and defines the building’s intricate frame. Campolina has designed the HT refuge mainly as a getaway solution, but it can also be used in other situations, such as large commercial/housing complexes in urban scenarios. The module can be expanded on both sides to have different configurations sizes, while its basic version occupies a projection of 27 sq.m on the ground (3.20 x 8.45 m), and is divided in two floors connected by a ladder. The Brazilian architect has used autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) – a lightweight, precast foam version of the material – for the lateral closures, providing low-cost solution without compromising the solid, welcoming character of the interior and exterior environment. Combining industrial processes and traditional masonry work, the micro-habitat can adapt to any region or cultural situation, since prefabricated concrete blocks and steel pipes can be produced under both conditions. And don’t forget to check 15 modern tiny houses

A Small Mountain Cabin in Chile

In the mountains of San Esteban, Chile, a small cabin was designed as a retreat for those arriving and departing on treks who need a place to rest and reflect on their expedition. Gonzalo Iturriaga Arquitectos is behind the Mountaineer’s Refuge, designed to include a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom within a geometric structure. The entrance is located within one of the structure’s folds, while the large, window-filled opening on the back appears as if it was cut out of the volume. The cabin was built on top of piles suspended above the ground allowing ventilation from all sides. The exterior is clad in vertical pine boards with metal details. The interior is designed with the bedroom and storage room on one end, which holds the mountaineering equipment. The other side houses the open living space with views of the mountain. If you liked this cabin you might be interested in the following two cabins – Skyli Trekking Cabin and Allandale Houses.