Straumsnes Cabin by Norwegian Architects Rever & Drage

Take a look at Straumsnes Cabin by Norwegian architects, Rever & Drage. It is afforded some mightily impressive views that make it such an appealing place to live. Situated in a glorious spot overlooking the Norwegian Sea, Straumsnes is a mixture of old and new constructions and boasts an exterior and interior design that really is mesmerisingly good. Largely built upon a structure from the 1950s, the introduction of modern materials and design styles really elevates this property to a whole new level aesthetically. With timber cladding adding a superb visual appeal to the exterior, there are all sorts of additional features with Straumsnes Cabin that will make you wish you lived there such as a magnificent looking outdoor pool, minimal interior design style and superbly considered spaces throughout the property.