Exclusive Furniture from Roberto Fallani

Italian artist, sculptor and jeweler Roberto Fallani is known for his unusual approach to the creation of exclusive art furniture. His works are often perceived as interior decoration, art object or steampunk sculptures though they are able to serve as ordinary furniture items. And lamps from stunning collection “Light and Iron” properly illuminate a room, chairs, sofas and couches in “Habitat” series are absolutely comfortable for sitting, and you can easily place clocks, photographs or a vase of flowers on the tables and side tables. Designer creates furniture and lamps in industrial style from leather, plastic, and as an additional decoration he uses gold and silver paint. Also he uses such unusual design elements as gear wheels, “tracks”, metal frame, suspension, bearings. This is a special furniture for special interiors, and only elected judges of exclusive design can allow to own such luxury furniture. Yet we have a lot more chances to see items from the “Habitat” and “Light and Iron” collections in a museum or art gallery than in any living space.