Relaxing Varier Gravity Balans Chair

The Gravity Balans by Varier is certainly not limited to reclining. The unique design provides a wide range of seating options that will support the body throughout. A forward tilt accommodates the standard kneeling posture of all Varier balans seating, while a tilt back will leave your feet on the floor in a more traditional position. So, whether you working at a table, leaning back to enjoy a book, or fully reclining to pursue that ever-important power nap, the Varier Gravity balans offers full body support to achieve the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

Futuristic Rocking Chair UFO

Italian design company IT ONEOFF, have designed “UFO” a futuristic rocking chair. The name “UFO” comes from Unidentified Furniture Object, as it takes its inspiration from the shapes of flying saucers. It’s made from a single piece of carbon fiber, with a handmade leather seat, and the design enables it to rock but never flip over. It’s the perfect shape for curling up and reading a book.

Racer Outdoor Rocking Chair

When it comes to lounging on the patio, few chairs rival the comfort induced by a rocking chair. The problem is most of them aren’t aesthetically pleasing. The Racer Outdoor Rocking Chair looks to change the way you look at the ugly, traditional rocking chair. Constructed from 100% recycled HDPE plastic, this modern lounger is a rocker for the new age. It features a wide, low seat with an open storage trunk located out back – perfect for stashing everything from gear to magazines. The styling is inspired by vintage race cars from yesteryear, as indicated by the sporty stripes across the backside. The chair was created by Loll Designs after being idealized by Eric Pfeiffer, and comes in seven different color combinations to suit your needs. It retails for $479.

Rocking Chair “Swing” by PAULSBERG

"Swing" by PAULSBERG is not just a piece of concrete furniture, the chair’s striking features combine stability with fun and comfort. Just 5 mm thin, the structure of the world’s first rocking chair made of carbonfibre-reinforced concrete shows high finesse. Ergonomical Shape and upholstering with bio-leather guarantee great comfort. At the bottom third, a sheet of leather is applied, protecting the floor. "Swing" is handmade and available within a limited edition of 100 pieces.

“Dim Sum” Rocking Chair by Montis

Netherlands company Montis created contemporary rocking chair Dim Sum. The chair looks extremely comfortable and the inclusion of wood in the design, which refers to the traditional notion of a rocking chair, helps to domesticise the feel of the piece. The tagline of this design is “relax with a smile”. And this is true. Take a look!

“36h” Armchair and “56h” Rocking Chair
by Fabio Novembre

These unique two chairs – armchair “36h” and rocking chair “56h” – were created by Italian designer Fabio Novembre for Italian furniture manufacturer Driade. “36h” is an easy chair which has a throne-like quality with a high chair back and gently curved seat. “56h” is a rocking chair. Both are made from an aluminium structure with covered woven plastic. Because they have a weather resistant material, these chairs are ideal for your outdoor environment, to relax and enjoy the atmosphere on the terrace and garden. They are a few color variations of each chair.