Industrial Modern Rustic Loft Interior in Chicago

Modern rustic decor often melds with industrial home style. Combining rustic furniture and accents with industrial ideas results in an interesting contrast; where concrete backdrops and reclaimed metal intermingle with warm wood tones and natural rattan. Take a look at a loft that appears as though almost everything in it was a once lost and now newly found item, perhaps recovered from an abandoned industrial building. The loft designed by Serhii Seinov is located in Chicago. From this birdseye view the scheme appears almost soft despite the solid concrete floor. The huge sectional sofa is a light grey upholstered design in a sociable L-shaped arrangement. Peeping out from beneath the sofa in the rustic living room , an area rug lays at an interesting angle that invites you to come in and sit down, then leads you back out over to the dining suite. An eclectic coupling of tables and an old planter make an interesting centrepiece in the lounge. An industrial dining suite is made up of a distressed wooden trestle table with a flaking painted finish and a set of six matching stools. A rustic kitchen complete with exposed ducting forms a backdrop to the rustic dining room. Metal and wooden storage boxes populate the space beneath the rustic console.

Rustic Luxury Mountain House

This unusual mountain house is created by Pearson Design Group and has strong rustic inspiration softened by colorful art touches and elegant contemporary input. The unique living area, that in terms of capturing the full advantage of the surrounding and breathtaking view – is completely located outside, is the first thing that grabs the attention of the visitors and as the owners share – their favored room. The furnishing and the design elements here are chosen so that can withstand the atmospheric conditions of the open space. In the inner premises, the architecture and the design are still orientated towards the idea of blending and merger the interior with the mountain scenery but more elegant and artistic approach. Raw wood cladding, furniture and fixtures from natural elements and untilled wood pieces, furs and stone textures in combination with polished concrete, marble and modern appliances – create a dynamic amalgam and fusion – based interior that provokes the senses. The massive structure of some of the furniture and architectural elements is juxtaposed and completed with the airy presents of crafted light solutions and decorative art elements. Soft tone elegance and colorful contemporary art meet old time theme in this dramatic and artistic mountain scenery and create comfortable and unique home.