Eco Hotel FriendHouse by Ryntovt Design

This time we want to show you creative eco hotel built on the Orel river in Ukraine. Author of the project is Ryntovt Design studio. After an extensive ecological analysis of the lush green site by the Orel river, the architect deemed appropriate the use of ‘ecologically harmless materials’ so as to better integrate the structure into the wildlife. The bones of the single-level building are made of wood and shell stone. Some of the structural beams are uncut trees themselves. Clay and reed are used in the thatch roof plate and perforated pod-like structures that serve to insulate as well as admit natural light. The organic shapes of the interior work harmoniously with the surrounding wildlife. Aside from a bountiful apple tree garden, the hotel also uses the natural ‘eco-cover’ of the forest as both protection and inspiration. The hotel is a total work of design, with furniture and details created with low-impact, local materials and a highly sustainable sensibility.