DublDom Shelter Beneath The Northern Lights

Located in the snowy hills of the Murmansk region, Kandalaksha, there is a snowy seclusion that offers true solitude. Don’t think Siberia – the DublDom-Kandalaksha house is a hearth away from home, a beautiful and warm haven set on a splendid snowy landscape. Grab a cup of steaming coffee and gaze out the vast window of this accommodating abode, located deep in the heart of the Russian Tundra. A perfect place for skiers and snowboarders to stay, the beautiful home offers a view that stretches for miles over the White Sea gulf and the rolling white hills of Northern Russia. Hedged by the great coniferous forest and canopied by the Aurora Borealis, this hidden house is also the perfect place for artists and writers to sit and ponder, and have their energies restored by the vitalizing views. Even if you don’t consider yourself a poet, you never know – this is the kind of landscape that tends to inspire. If you liked this shelter – check Panorama Glass House In Iceland.

A Small Mountain Cabin in Chile

In the mountains of San Esteban, Chile, a small cabin was designed as a retreat for those arriving and departing on treks who need a place to rest and reflect on their expedition. Gonzalo Iturriaga Arquitectos is behind the Mountaineer’s Refuge, designed to include a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom within a geometric structure. The entrance is located within one of the structure’s folds, while the large, window-filled opening on the back appears as if it was cut out of the volume. The cabin was built on top of piles suspended above the ground allowing ventilation from all sides. The exterior is clad in vertical pine boards with metal details. The interior is designed with the bedroom and storage room on one end, which holds the mountaineering equipment. The other side houses the open living space with views of the mountain. If you liked this cabin you might be interested in the following two cabins – Skyli Trekking Cabin and Allandale Houses.

Skyli Trekking Cabin – Cozy Refuge for Hikers

Set along the trails of Iceland, the Skyli Trekking Cabin is a refuge for hikers from the harsh elements. The structure is comprised of four gabled roofs. Although it resembles a tent, this shelter is clad in a steel facade to protect you from the elements. A bright blue color makes it easily visible in the rugged landscape while also paying homage to the architecture of the country’s capital. The interior is lined with cross-laminated timber and features enough fold-out beds for up to 15 people, water, power, and even emergency supplies. Beneath each peak, large triangular windows take advantage of the surrounding scenery. Its prefabricated design allows for materials to be easily transported by helicopter. Once they’re delivered, the assembly can be completed in as little as a couple days.

Asymmetric Nature Shelters Along The Danish Archipelago

Along the coast of Denmark in the South Fyn archipelago, there are islands known for their pristine and nature-abundant landscape. Offering visitors an opportunity to be immersed in the rural outdoors, Aarhus-based firm LUMO architects have created a series of shelter constructions and campsites along the islands of Skarø, Drejø, Birkholm and Ærø. Scattered over 19 locations, the distinctive ‘blue landmark’ retreats appear as asymmetrical bodies with angled lines. Clad with large wood chips treated with black-pigmented wood tar oil, the randomly displaced openings look-out and frame the surrounding nature and at night, the lunar orbit across the night sky can be observed. Five different volumes have been established, each varying in size and function, while maintaining a consistent spatial relationship. The asymmetric forms are reminiscent of the various shelter types originating from the traditional huts used by fishermen to store their catch, and thus, influencing the names of each one: ‘Monkfish’ – containing 3 levels and integrated bird-watching platform; ‘Garfish’ – a 6-7 person overnight shelter that doubles as picnic space for school classes; ‘Lumpfish’ – a 3-5 person overnight shelter with stay and sauna space; the ‘Flounder’ – a 2 person overnight shelter; and finally the ‘Eelpout’ – which functions as the lavatory.