Apartment at The Top of a Historic Ski Jump

Airbnb has a good practice of running contests to win a night in an unusual place. We’ve already written about their latest contest – lucky winner went to amazing hotel at 9,000ft in the French Alps. And this time winner went to stay in an apartment at the top of a historic ski jump at the top of the Holmenkollen arena in Norway, which once served as a waiting room for Olympic ski-jumpers in the 50s. The apartment boasts incredible views, and is of course also beautifully decorated. Of course it’s not the place for you if you’re scared of heights, benefits of the space include a ski museum underneath, possible views of the Northern Lights, and no neighbors, according to Airbnb. The winners have already been chosen, but you can be sure Airbnb will offer more chances to win a night in another weird and wonderful place soon!